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Top result on first national race of the season

Last weekend we had the first national race of the season, Bourges (479km). More than 57,000 birds were released on Saturday morning. In France the birds had to deal with moderate headwinds from the North. In Belgium the wind changed to strong sidewinds from the Northwest to Northnorthwest. Our birds did a great job on this first big clash of the season. On top of that all our birds returned from the race, we had no losses!

Our pigeons won the following results: 

28/05/2022 Bourges (485km)
Club St. Job 747 old birds: 1-3-5-6-9-14-15-16-20-21-27-28-29-39-40-42-46-59-63-71-73-…  31/37
National z. 5,148 old birds: 18-32-69-83-103-132-133-134-148-159-…
National 33,410 old birds: 91-155-332-379-439-582-589-590-661-753-…

Club St. Job 580 yearlings: 1-5-6-22-32-…  20/29
National z. 4,913 yearlings: 23-54-60-…
National 24,221 yearlings: 119-253-268-…
-> 1° + 2° fastest against 1,327 birds
-> 21/37 old birds win a prize in the first 10%

Our most remarkable bird on the Bourges race was our first nominated “Mustang Disney”(BE19--6016042). This granddaughter to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237) wins 1° fast. Bourges (479km)  1,327 pigeons / 91° National Bourges (485km) 33,410 pigeons. “Mustang Disney”(BE19-6016042) is a fantastic bird, she is real a top racer...

Top racer "Mustang Disney"(BE19-6016042) won 1° fast. Bourges (485km) 1,327 pigeons

"Mustang Disney"(BE19-6016042) won o.a. :
1st Ace-pigeon Great Middle Distance St. Job 2021
2nd Provincial Ace-pigeon Great Middle Distance Fondclub Antwerpen 2021
1° National z. Issoudun (505km) 1,588 p.
7° National Issoudun (505km) 9,777 p.
25° National Argenton (552km) 14,787 p.
1° Argenton (552km) 242 p.
1° fast. Bourges (485km) 1,327 p.
91° National Bourges (485km) 33,410 p. 
64° National Chateauroux (526km) 24,617 p.
44° National z. Bourges (472km) 1,303 p. (other race)
70° National z. Issoudun (505km) 1,360 p. (other race)
26° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 982 p. (other race)
2° Melun (310km) 1,670 p. (after loftmate)
11° Sermaises (362km) 1,838 p.
20° Sermaises (362km) 3,125 p.
14° Sermaises (362km) 1,338 p.
28° Noyon (208km) 1,613 p.

Our second old bird was the checkered hen BE20-6166050. She is a daughter to our top bird “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) x “Cobra”(BE14-6175418) who is a full sister to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237). This was the third national race in her career. Last year she participated to two national races and there she won 64° National Chateauroux (526km) 7,674 pigeons and 33° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,615 pigeons.

BE20-6166050 is another top child from "Iron Man"(BE17-6025089)


Our third old bird was the checkered hen BE20-6166065. She is one of the most talented birds of our racing team. Her father is the top breeder “London”(BE16-6032120). Her mother is again a child to “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089).

BE20-6166065 won a.o. :
15° National  Argenton (555km) 9,851 p. (tough race)
2° National z. Argenton 1,615 p. (after a loftmate)
1° Sermaises  (362km) 1,929 p.
5° Bourges (485km) 747 p.
69° National z. Bourges (485km) 5,148 p.
332° National Bourges (485km) 33,410 p.
14° Melun (310km) 2,630 p.
15° Quievrain  (104km) 654 p.

BE20-6166065 is one of our most talented birds


Our fourth old bird was the blue hen BE20-6166212. She is the last child on the racing loft of our former top breeding hen “Delphine’(BE11-6282004). “Delphine’(BE11-6282004) has bred many top performing descendants. Her father is a son to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400) x “Bambi”(BE13-6026002).

Our fifth old bird was the blue hen BE20-6166186. She is a daughter to “Ito”(BE17-6025336) x “Abba Elektra”(BE18-6020199).  “Ito”(BE17-6025336) was a very good racer and is now a top breeder at our loft. “Abba Elektra”(BE18-6020199) is a grandchild to “Elektro”(BE08-6174630) and also a first prize winning bird.

BE20-6166186 won this year already 1° Sermaises (362km) against 1,838 pigeons

BE20-6166186 won a.o. : (no double results)
25th Nat. Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2021

1° Sermaises (362km) 1,838 p.
5° Sermaises (362km) 1,917 p.
6° Sermaises (362km) 1,556 p.
10° Sermaises (362km) 1,929 p.
9° Bourges (485km) 747 p.
439° National Bourges (485km) 33,410 p.
9° Sermaises (362km) 322 p.
12° Noyon (208km) 611 p.
26° fast. Noyon (208km) 9,176 p.
13° Noyon (208km) 636 p.
20° Noyon (208km) 1,029 p.
46° Noyon (208km) 1,613 p.
49° Melun (310km) 2,897 p.

Old bird number six was the checkered hen BE20-6166100 . This super racing hen is a daughter to “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) x “Cobra”(BE14-6175418) who is a full sister to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237).

BE20-6166100 won a.o. :
1° Fay aux Loges (402km) 601 p. (1,144 m/min)
6° Provincial Fay aux Loges (402km) 1,709 p.
1° Quievrain (104km) 413 p. (1,292 m/min)
5° fast. Quievrain (104km) 14,060 p.
3° Melun (310km) 1,806 p.
4° Sermaises (362km) 1,226 p.
10° fast. Sermaises 3,569 p.
5° Nanteuil (259km) 822 p.
6° Noyon (208km) 611 p.
9° fast. Noyon (208km) 9,176 p.
32° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 1,362 p.
111° Nat. Chateauroux (526km) 7,674 p.
21° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,615 p.
114° National Argenton (555km) 9,851 p.
11° Noyon (208km) 538 p.
12° Noyon (208km) 1,613 p.
14° Bourges (485km) 747 p.
21° Sermaises (362km) 1,556 p.
23° Melun (310km) 1,131 p.

BE20-6166100 is a bird with great racing records


Our seventh old bird was the checkered hen BE20-6166101. She is the nest-sister to our sixth arrival, the checkered hen BE20-6166100. Our second, sixth and seventh old bird on this national Bourges race are full sisters! They are all descending from the pair “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) x “Cobra”(BE14-6175418). “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) is one of the key breeders at our loft. His descendants are very dominant on the races.


Now let us present you our first arrivals in the category yearlings. The 1° Bourges (485km) against 580 birds and the 2° fast. Bourges (485km) 1,327 pigeons after a loftmate was won by the blue hen BE21-6138254. She is a direct child of our super racing hen “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108)! We are delighted about this fact. “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108) seems to be passing her superior genes to her descendants! We basketted "Mustang Queen"(BE19-6016108) also on this race, despite having a small injury at her chest. Nevertheless she managed to win 16° / 747 birds on this national Bourges race.

BE21-6138254 is a direct child to the famous "Mustang Queen"(BE19-6016108)


"Mustang Queen"(BE19-6016108) is one of our most famous birds


Our second yearling was the blue white flight hen BE21-6138049. She is a daughter to “Black Beauty”(BE18-6020111) and a granddaughter to “Origi”(BE13-6026050) and “Elektro Princess”(BE17-6025201).

Our third yearling was the dark hen BE21-6138101. She is a granddaughter to “Samsung”(BE15-6026082).