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About us

The Jos Vercammen loft has had a meteoric rise to the firmament of international pigeon racing. One top result has followed another, but, what is also of great importance, numerous fanciers throughout the world had National and International successes with the Vercammen pigeons.

His old strain crossed with some new blood-lines has created a type of pigeon that performs as a young bird and as an old bird.

Neither the weather nor the distance are relevant for the Vercammen birds, as it seems.
Racing old birds, yearlings or young birds?
Racing from 100 kilometres or 700?
Racing in bad weather, in hard weather or under easy circumstances?
Racing hens or cocks?
It does not make any difference to him or rather his birds. He is always the man to be beaten.

The Vercammen loft is based on birds of superior origin, therefore such a high percentage of top-class pigeons are born at Vremde.

Vercammen pigeons crossed with yours?

It is almost a guarantee of success!