1st National Ace-pigeon of Slovenia Middle Distance (300-600km) is almost a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon




Earlier this year we sent two pigeons to the Mira One Loft Race (Portugal). We were invited by the KBDB to send two birds to this OLR for the Belgian delegation being the 1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance. Of course we accepted this honour.


The national Argenton (552km) race was again a very fast one with the strong winds from the West to Southwest. We had (too) many of this races this year unfortunately. Followers of our family of birds know that our birds excel on the tougher races. But also on this fast Argenton race our birds defended their honor by winning no less than 12 (!) national top 100 positions. We started with the 13° and 14° National prize.

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The Jos Vercammen loft has had a meteoric rise to the firmament of international pigeon racing. One top result has followed another, but, what is also of great importance, numerous fanciers throughout the world had National and International successes with the Vercammen pigeons. The Vercammen loft is based on birds of superior origin, therefore such a high percentage of top-class pigeons are born at Vremde.
Vercammen pigeons crossed with yours? It is almost a guarantee of success!

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