1° fast. Provincial Chateauroux (505km) against 8,991 pigeons is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen bird



The national race of the day was Chateauroux (526km). It was a very tough edition. The birds had to deal with foggy weather during a big part of their way back home. The temperature rose to almost 30°C and the birds had to cope with headwinds as well. It was a race for the real strong and smart birds.


The last few days we have received some interesting references from our Belgian colleagues. Please take a look below.

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The Jos Vercammen loft has had a meteoric rise to the firmament of international pigeon racing. One top result has followed another, but, what is also of great importance, numerous fanciers throughout the world had National and International successes with the Vercammen pigeons. The Vercammen loft is based on birds of superior origin, therefore such a high percentage of top-class pigeons are born at Vremde.
Vercammen pigeons crossed with yours? It is almost a guarantee of success!

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