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Puncher son from "Olympic Elektro" on Fay-aux-Loges (402km)

Last weekend the provincial Fay-aux-Loges (402km) race was flown. The strong wind from the Northwest and the cloudy weather made it a tough race. Our old birds did a great job. We had many birds in the head of the race and the prize percentage was also really good. We started even with a prize in the provincial top 10 however almost all the early birds could be found in the Southeastern part of our province. Our young birds flew unfortunately less sensational than the weeks before. They paid their lack of experience cash. We still started with the 3° prize and had more early birds in the race but the prize percentage was not good enough.

Our pigeons won the following results:
13/07/2019 Fay-aux-Loges (402km)
South Antwerp Federation 189 yearlings: 1-7-12-16-…  8/10
Interfederation 738 old birds: 2-4-6-21-33-44-…  12/16  (old birds + yearlings)

On the provincial level we started with the 8° Provincial Fay-aux-Loges (402km) against 3,793 pigeons which is in these circumstances – believe me – a fantastic performance!

Which bird was responsible for this top result? It was our first nominated pigeon B17-6025361. He is a real puncher. It is a joy to watch him arrive from this race. When he sees his loft, he does one final sprint and enters the loft as a rocket. He has got a special character. During the week he does not train with the other birds. He flies for 15-20 minutes and then goes exploring the other lofts. He flies from one loft to another. A special bird for sure! 

Our first nominated B17-6025361 did it again last weekend

B17-6025361 is a direct son to the famous “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400). “Olympic Elektro” was crowned as best middle distance racer of the world on the Olympiad in Brussels. “Olympic Elektro” is a grandson to “Elektro”(B08-6174630).  We are very happy that he moved to our loft after this Olympiad. After his brilliant racing career he turned into a top breeder.

“Olympic Elektro”(0264-13-400) won a.o. :

Best Middle Distance bird of the world Olympiad Brussels 2017!

1st Olympic Ace-pigeon Cat. B Middle Distance (300-600km) 2017 Brussels
Gold Medal Winner Olympiad 2017 (first of all countries)
1st National Ace-pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2016
2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2015

1° prize (145km) 6,305 p. (5 minutes ahead)
1° prize (320km) 3,601 p.
1° prize (320km) 2,078 p. (13 minutes ahead)
1° prize (320km) 1,892 p. (9 minutes ahead)
1° prize (320km) 1,623 p.
2° prize (320km) 5,117 p.
4° prize (185km) 6,131 p. (after 3 loftmates)
4° prize (343km) 4,664 p.
4° prize (332km) 3,834 p.
4° prize (337km) 3,234 p.
5° prize (345km) 3,719 p.
7° prize (260km) 5,832 p.

Super "Olympic Elektro"(PL0264-13-400)

The mother of B17-6025361 is former top racing hen "Bambi"(B13-6026002). "Bambi"(B13-6026002) is a full sister to "Aladdin"(B09-6248081), 1° fast. National Bourges (479km) 64,621 pigeons.

Our second arrival was the blue cock “Don Diego”(B17-6025047). As a young bird he was crowned as 1st Ace-pigeon in the South Antwerp Federation on the middle distance. His father is “Zorro”(B15-6026003), 3rd National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance. His mother is a daughter to “Elektro”(B08-6174630).

B17-6025047 added another early prize to his track record

The first prize in the category yearlings was won by the checkered cock B18-6020279. This beautiful bird has got a great pedigree. He is bred from “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012) x “Mulan”(B09-6248277). “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012) needs no further introduction. “Mulan”(B09-6248277) is a full sister to “Aladdin”(B09-6248081), 1° fast. National Bourges (479km) 64,621 pigeons. She is the mother of our famous “Iron Man”(B17-6025089). So this means that the checkered cock B18-6020279 is a child to our best racer from 2017 and half-brother to our best racer from 2018!

Again a child of "Elektro Junior"(B16-6032012) won a first prize 

Our first young bird was the dark white flight cock B19-6016043. He is a son to “Power Barco”(B16-6032318) x “Miss Mustang”(B17-6025108). On the same national Chateauroux (526km) race “Power Barco”(B16-6032318) won 2° National Chateauroux in the category old birds and “Miss Mustang”(B17-6025108) won 3° National Chateauroux in the category yearlings! “Miss Mustang”(B17-6025108) is a direct daughter to famous “Mustang”(B14-6175237), 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) 33,018 pigeons. B19-6016043 won this year already 3° Noyon (208km) against 662 pigeons and now 3° Fay-aux-Loges (402km) against 661 pigeons.

2019 is the first year for "Power Barco"(B16-6032318) on the breeding loft

To end, there was also the Aurillac (712km) race last weekend. We started with the 9° Provincial! It was the checkered cock B18-6020251. He is a son to "Brazil"(B12-6196060) x "Beauty Elektra"(B15-6026293). "Beauty Elektra"(B15-6026293) is again a daughter to "Elektro"(B08-6174630).

"Beauty Elektra"(B15-6026293) her son won 9° Provincial Aurillac (712km) last weekend