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New winnings on Tulle (657km), Issoudun (505km) and Melun (310km)

We had a weekend with two national race, Issoudun (505km) and Tulle (657km). For Tulle the birds had to stay 6 (!) nights in the basket because of the bad weather at the place of release. For Issoudun the birds were only released after 3 nights in the basket. On both races we had again several early birds. At the end of this article you can also read about the great comeback of “Maété(BE21-6138246) on Melun (310km)!

Our pigeons won the following results:

26/06/2022 Issoudun (505km)
National z. 2,286 yearlings: 16-32-41-96-…
National 12,349 yearlings: 95-145-170-345-…  9/12 
-> 1st, 2nd and 3rd nominated bird win 95°, 145° and 170° national against 12,349 birds

National z. 1,360 old birds: 30-34-42-70-…
National 8,151 old birds: 156-179-207-…  12/16

28/06/2022 Tulle (657km)
Club St. Job : 1° fast. bird 267 birds
Provincial 750 yearlings: 2-30-… 
National z. 2,189 yearlings: 7-…

Provincial 892 old birds: 8-44-…  6/7
National z. 2,625 old birds: 36-…

25/06/2022 Melun (310km)
Club Bevel 231 old birds: 1-4-7-11-13-14-19-22-24-25-26-27-29-30-…  15/35


Tulle (657km) was a very tough race, especially for the birds in the middle and eastern part of the country. The birds had to stay in the basket for no less than 6 (!) nights. On the race day the birds had to deal with winds from the Southeast.

Our first arrival was the checkered hen BE21-6138285. She wins 1° fast. Tulle (657km) 267 birds / 2° Provincial Tulle (657km) 750 birds / 7° National z. Tulle (657km) 2,189 birds. She came 19 seconds short to be the fastest bird of the province of Antwerp (1,642 old birds and yearlings)! BE21-6138285 is a granddaughter to “Samsung”(BE15-6026082). Her mother is “Diva”(BE18-6020195), who flew especially well on the races 600-700km.

BE21-6138285 won 1° fast. Tulle (657km) 267 birds / 2° Provincial Tulle (657km) 750 birds / 7° National z. Tulle (657km) 2,189 birds


Our second arrival was the white hen “White Beauty”(BE20-6166226). She is a completely white bird. "White Beauty"(BE20-6166226) is a granddaughter to “Mustang”(BE14-6175226) and “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400). She wins 8° Provincial Tulle (657km) against 892 birds.


The other national race this weekend was Issoudun (505km) They were released on Sunday and to stay in the basket for 3 nights.

Our first arrival was the super talented hen “Blanca”(BE21-6138132). She was our first nominated bird. This Issoudun race was the first national race in her career.  The father of this checkered hen is former racer “Ito”(BE17-6025336). Her mother is “Elektro Princess”(BE17-6025201), one of the best breeding children to “Elektro”(BE08-6174630). “Elektro Princess”(BE17-6025201) is mother to a.o. “Sunny”(BE18-6020083), winner of 1° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 819 pigeons / 3° National Chateauroux (526km) 2,850 pigeons.

“Blanca”(BE21-6138132) won a.o. :
2° Melun (310km)  1,160 p. (after a loftmate)
4° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 7,086 p.
2° fast. Issoudun (505km) 428 p.
95° National Issoudun (505km) 12,349 p.
16° National z. Issoudun (505km) 2,286 p.
5° Noyon (208km) 405 p.
14° fast. Provincial Noyon (208km) 9,176 p.
14° Melun (310km) 1,329 p.
17° Nanteuil (259km) 1,540 p.
31° Auxerre (380km) 1,151 p.
39° Sermaises (362km) 1,007 p.
43° Sermaises (362km) 1,684 p.

Top racer "Blanca"(BE21-6138132)


Our second arrival was the checkered hen BE21-6138106. She was our second nominated bird. Her father is famous “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400). Her mother is “Shaki”(BE17-6025048).

“Shaki”(BE17-6025048) won a.o. :
1st Best bird of Belgium on the 4 different national Argenton 555km races (4 prizes) 2018-2019
2nd Best bird of Belgium on the different national Chateauroux 526km races (3 prizes) 2018 
2nd Provincial Ace-pigeon Fondclub Antwerpen (450-600km) 2018
4th Best bird of Belgium on the national races 450-600km (6 prizes)  2018
5th Best bird of Belgium on the 4 different national Argenton 555km races (3 prizes) 2018-2019
7th Best bird of Belgium on the national races 450-600km (7 prizes)  2018
8th Best bird of Belgium on the national races 450-600km (5 prizes) 2018
8th Best bird of Belgium on the different national Chateauroux 526km races (4 prizes) 2018-2019
8th Best bird of Belgium on the different national Chateauroux 526km races (3 prizes) 2018-2019
20th Nat. Ace-pigeon KBDB Great Middle Distance 2018

13° National Argenton (555km)  3,319 p.
26° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 4,350 p.
27° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,641 p. (other race)
2° Noyon (208km) 669 p. (after loftmate)
67° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 8,486 p. (other race)
18° Provincial Chateauroux (526km) 2,394 p. (other race)
41° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 3,737 p. 
54° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,547 p. (other race)
88° National z.  Argenton (555km) 6,640 p. (other race)
6° Argenton (555km) 393 p. (other race)
6° Melun (310km) 351 p.

Top racing and breeding hen "Shaki"(BE17-6025048)


Our third arrival was the dark hen BE21-6138101. She was our third nominated bird. On her second national race of the season she wins 41° National z. Issoudun (505km) against 2,286 birds. On her first national flight of the season she won 60° National z. Bourges (485km) against 4,913 birds. BE21-6138101 is a grandchild to “Samsung”(BE15-6026082).


To conclude this article we want to put the attention to the great comeback of our blue hen “Maété”(BE21-6138246). She was our best young bird in the season 2021. She was only raced four times and managed to be amongst the national KBDB Ace-pigeon on the middle distance. She won a very tough (headwinds and foggy weather) 1° Provincial Melun race against more than 6,000 pigeons. “Maété”(BE21-6138246) was ready to shine in the season 2022 too. But then she returned a day later from a short distance race in the month of April. When we went to the loft we saw that she was completely swollen. Her crop was full of air and underneath her skin on the chest bone you could feel the air too. Probably she had a crash during the race which caused a small opening in her crop.  We pushed the air out of the crop daily during ten days.  We gave her some rest to completely recover. This weekend it was finally time again for “Maété”(BE21-6138246) to make her comeback on the middle distance. Immediately she won the 1° Melun (310km) against 231 birds! It was not the biggest win in our pigeon career, but we were over the moon with this win! One of our most talented pigeons is back in the race!

“Maété”(BE21-6138246) won a.o. :
1° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 6,017 p.
1° Provincial Melun (310km) 5,703 p.
1° Melun (310km) 231 p. (other race)
3° Melun (310km) 626 p.
4° Melun (310km) 1,202 p. (after 3 lofmates) (other race)
19° Auxerre (380km) 824 p.
28° Sermaises (362km) 1,684 p.

"Maété"(BE21-6138246) made a comeback in style after her severe injury

“Maété(BE21-6138246) is a daughter to the top racers “Golden Elektro”(BE19-6016058) x “Panda”(BE19-6016017). “Golden Elektro”(BE19-6016058) is from “Elektro Junior”(BE16-6032012) x “Lilly”(BE15-6026002). “Panda”(BE19-6016017) is a half-sister to this year’s sensation “El Muro”(BE21-6138214)!

Top pair "Golden Elektro"(BE19-6016058) x "Panda"(BE19-6016017)

“El Muro”(BE21-6138214) won a.o. :
1° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 7,006 pigeons  (3 minutes ahead)
2° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 7,238 pigeons (after loftmate)
4° fast. Provincial Noyon (208km) 9,176 pigeons
3° Sermaises (362km) 1,684 p.
7° Melun (310km) 302 p. (other race)
9° Melun (310km) 1,202 p. (after 8 loftmates) (other race)
8° Noyon (208km) 401 p. (other race)