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12 national top 100 positions on national Argenton (552km) race

The national Argenton (552km) race was again a very fast one with the strong winds from the West to Southwest. We had (too) many of this races this year unfortunately. Followers of our family of birds know that our birds excel on the tougher races. But also on this fast Argenton race our birds defended their honor by winning no less than 12 (!) national top 100 positions. We started with the 13° and 14° National prize.
Our pigeons won the following results:
26/08/2023 Argenton (552km)
National 3,990 old birds: 13-14-31-35-39-47-52-62-67-81-83-93-…  53/96
-> 12 times top 100 / 20 times top 175
-> 34 birds in the first 10% of the race!
Our first arrival was the blue hen BE22-6020065. She wins 13° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 birds. BE22-6020065 is bred from the proven breeder “Iron Son”(BE18-6256141) and “Shaki”(BE17-6025048), a great racer herself. She is a granddaughter to “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089). BE22-6020065 is a full sister to BE22-6020276, 1° fast. Provincial Noyon (208km) 9,021 pigeons. She is a half-sister to “Paulina”(BE21-6138106), 5th National Ace-pigeon KBDB Great Middle Distance 2022

Super racing and breeding hen "Shaki"(BE17-6025048)
Our second arrival was the dark cock BE21-6138112. He wins 14° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 birds. BE21-6138112 is a grandson to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237) and “Elektro”(BE08-6174630). He is a half-brother to the amazing “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108). His mother is “Mercedes”(BE18-6020232), a proven racing and breeding hen from “Mustang”(BE14-6175237).

BE21-6138112 is a grandson to "Mustang"(BE14-6175237) and "Elektro"(BE08-6174630)  (picture from early June '23)
BE21-6138112 won a.o.:
14° National Argenton (552km) 3,994 p.
28° National z. Bourges (485km) 1,798 p.
111° National Bourges (485km) 10,366 p.
2° Blois (462km) 207 p. (after a loftmate)
7° Provincial Blois (462km) 1,039 p.
5° Melun (310km) 652 p. (after 4 loftmates)
6° fast. Melun (310km) 2,110 p.
75° National z. Bourges (472km) 1,653 p.
74° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 1,035 p.
84° National z. Bourges 1,208 p. (other race)
8° Noyon (208km) 449 p.
14° Noyon (208km) 324 p.
21° Noyon (208km) 696 p.
23° Sermaises (362km) 1,684 p.
Our third arrival was the checkered hen BE22-6020052. She wins 31° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 birds. She is a full sister to “Mustang Disney”(BE19-6016042) and a granddaughter to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237).
Our fourth arrival was the dark cock BE22-6020131. He wins 35° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 birds. Earlier this season he already won 16° National Chateauroux (519km) 13,096 pigeons. BE22-6020131 is a son to our top breeder “Golden Elektro”(BE19-6016058). His mother is a double grandchild to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237)

The dark cock BE22-6020131 is a son to "Golden Elektro"(BE19-6016058) (picture of end June '23)
Our fifth arrival was the checkered white flight hen “Green Queen”(BE21-6138069). She wins 39° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 birds. On the previous race Green Queen”(BE21-6138069)  won 1° National z. Bourges (472km) 1,653 birds / 10° National Bourges (472km) 9,922 birds. This beautiful hen has got a very nice record list full of early prizes. She is a daughter to “Green Elektro”(BE16-6032101) x “Mustang Princess”(BE17-6026617). She has got the same mother as “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108)."Green Queen"(BE21-6138069) is a granddaughter to both "Elektro"(BE08-6174630) and "Mustang"(BE14-6175237).

Top hen "Green Queen"(BE21-6138069)
“Green Queen”(BE21-6138069) won a.o. :
1° National z. Bourges (472km) 1,653 p.
10° National  Bourges (472km) 9,922 p.
1° fast. Melun (310km) 2,013 p.
1° Melun (310km) 725 p.
2° Melun (310km) 513 p.
2° fast. Provincial Noyon (208km) 290 p
2° Melun (310km) 126 p. (after a loftmate)
4° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 1,279 p.
39° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 p.
Our next arrival was the checkered hen BE22-6020233. She wins 47° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 pigeons. The race before BE22-6020233 won 5° National z. Bourges (472km) 1,653 birds / 31° National Bourges (472km) 9,922 birds. BE22-6020233 is a very talented daughter to the famous “Super 100”(BE20-6166100). By the way, after a fantastic career “Super 100”(BE20-6166100) will move now to the breeding loft. The father of BE22-6020233 is a son to "Elektro Junior"(BE16-6032012).
BE22-6020233 won a.o. :
31° National Bourges (472km) 9,922 p.
5° National z. Bourges 1,653 p.
47° National Argenton (552km) 3,990 p.
4° fast. Nanteuil (259km) 1,757 p. (after 3 loftmates)
40° fast. Provincial Nanteuil (259km) 8,292 p.
8° Melun (310km) 1,529 p.
12° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 4,685 p.
7° Sermaises (362km) 934 p.
25° fast. Provincial Sermaises (362km) 5,228 p.
7° Sermaises (362km) 693 p.
44° fast. Provincial Sermaises (362km) 4,043 p.
"Super 100"(BE20-6166100) won a.o. :
Co-winner 1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance 2022
6° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,003 p.
1° Fay aux Loges (402km) 601 p. (1,144 m/min)
6° Provincial Fay aux Loges (402km) 1,709 p.
1° Quievrain (104km) 413 p. (1,292 m/min)
5° fast. Provincial Quievrain (104km) 14,060 p.
1° Melun (310km) 227 p.
5° Melun (310km) 777 p.
3° Melun (310km) 1,806 p. (other race)
4° Sermaises (362km) 1,226 p.
10° fast. Provincial Sermaises 3,569 p.
5° Melun (310km) 522 p.
5° Nanteuil (259km) 822 p.
6° Noyon (208km) 611 p.
9° fast. Provincial Noyon (208km) 9,176 p.
28° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,659 p.
107° National Argenton (552km) 11,295 p.
32° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 1,362 p.
111° Nat. Chateauroux (526km) 7,674 p. 
21° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,615 p. (other race)
114° National Argenton (555km) 9,851 p.
72° National z. Bourges (485km) 1,210 p.
11° Noyon (208km) 538 p. (other race)
12° Noyon (208km) 1,613 p. (other race)
14° Bourges (485km) 747 p. (other race)
16° Melun (310km) 778 p. (other race)
19° Melun (310km) 2,063 p. (other race)
20° Sermaises (362km) 2,257 p. (other race)
21° Sermaises (362km) 1,556 p. (other race)
23° Melun (310km) 1,131 p. (other race)

Top hen "Super 100"(BE20-6166100)