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Second Ace-pigeon in extremely hard Thailand Grand Pigeon Race

The Thailand One Loft Race is known - and slightly notorious - for its high difficulty level. The weather circumstances are very hard. Only the best and strongest bird can prevail! Our birds seem to be perfectly suited for this One Loft Race. We have had many successes in this One Loft Race over the last years. In general we can say that our pigeons perform very well in tough conditions. Also in this 2016 edition our birds performed excellently! Almost 1,500 pigeons were sent this year. For the final race (500km) 650 birds were remaining.

Our blue hen “Silver Thai”(B16-6032389) became 2nd Ace-pigeon of the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2016!

We received this message from Mr. Sornthep Gomutputra who is the owner of the race :

Dear Jos and Lars,
Congratulations to your winning the second ACE Pigeon competition with your B16-6032389 that goes with it. For your info, my first prize winner which beaten the second bird by three minutes in difficult Hotspot 2 race is half your strain. The final race was as tough as experienced in 2015. Only 28 birds came back the same day and average speed of 99% of the birds that made it home was well below 800 m/m. Attached is race results after two days when 356 bird have returned from 650 sent. Our survival rates  from the first basketing to the end of the program were the best this year compared to other OLR's. 

Kindest regards,


Mr. Teerapol Techavichian posing with our hen "Silver Thai"(B16-6032389)

What is the pedigree of our ace-pigeon? The father or “Silver Thai”(B16-6032389) is “Alex”(B14-6175369). He is a direct son to our superbreeding hen “Siri”(B06-6411619). “Siri” is one of the best children of our basic breeder “Barco”(B01-6387350). In 2016 a daughter of “Siri” won for instance 1° fast. Souppes (357km) against 10,926 pigeons. Also our fantastic bird “Olympic Eva”(B14-6175226) is a granddaughter of “Siri”.

"Alex"(B14-6175369) is the father to "Silver Thai"(B16-6032389)

The mother of “Silver Thai”(B16-6032389) is “Emma”(B14-6175008). She is a full sister to 1° National z. / 3° National Nevers (476km). “Emma” is a direct daughter to top hen “Shakira”(B10-6052293) who is on her turn a child to famous “Elektro”(B08-6174630). The father of “Emma” is a grandson to “Barco”(B01-638750). So you can find “Barco” twice in the pedigree of our Thai Ace-pigeon “Silver Thai”.

"Emma"(B14-6175008) is the mother to "Silver Thai"(B16-6032389)

This was not the only success for the Vercammen pigeon in this 2016 edition of the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race. Before the final race there were two other important races, the Hotspot races. On both these races the winner was a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen bird! More information about these birds you can read in this article : .


Also in previous years we had some very remarkable pigeons in the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race.

In the year 2014 our pigeon “Simply The Best”(B14-6175432) flew herself in the history books of the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race (TGPR). She is one of the best birds that ever crossed the Thai sky. She won the 1° prize on the hardest race ever flown in Thailand and she became 1st Ace-pigeon with big lead!

These are the incredible records of "Simply The Best"(B14-6175432):
1st Ace-pigeon Thailand One Loft Race 2014
Winner Princess Cup

11° prize Final Race (530km)
1° prize Hot Spot 2 (435km) against 953 p. (speed 963,50 m/m!)
20° prize Hot Spot 1 (350km) against 1,159 p.

What is the pedigree of this bird “Simply The Best”? Her father "Romeo Panter"(B11-6282560) is a direct son to "Beckham"(B01-6387174) x "Panter Lady"(B09-6248530). Her mother "Julia"(B12-6196484) is a daughter to "Figaro"(B10-6052092) x "Dina"(B08-6144028). “Julia” is a full sister to “Doha”(B12-6196004) who won 2 national top 10 positions. All our best breeding lines can be found here.

Two years earlier, in 2012, the most sensational bird in the  Thailand Grand Pigeon Race was without any doubt the hen B12-6196367. It was again a bird born at our loft. It is the only bird so far that was able to win 3x 1° prize!

An overview of the results of this checkered hen B12-6196367:

Final Race (560km): 1° Belgian Pigeon
Hot Spot Race 3 (450km): 1° Belgian Pigeon
Hot Spot Race 2 (350km): 1° Belgian Pigeon
Prelim. Race: 1° against 1,426 pigeons 
Prelim. Race: 1° against 1,172 pigeons
Prelim. Race: 1° against 717 pigeons
The father of B12-6196367 father is “Speedy Panter”(B08-6144039), a direct son to “Beckham”(B01-6387174). “Speedy Panter” won himself a.o. 9° National Argenton (555km) 6,410 pigeons! “Speedy Panter” is a son to “Siri”(B06-6411619), our super breeding hen who is also mother to the 2nd Ace-pigeon Thailand Grand Pigeon Race 2016! The mother of B12-6196367 is “Natalia”(B10-6052493), a granddaughter to “Porto”(B03-6287006) and a full sister to several good birds!

This hen B12-6196367 is by the way mother to the bird that won Hotspot 1 in the 2016 edition of the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race! The winning bird was raced by Mr. Teerapol Techavichian.