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Gone with the wind

Races with an average speed around 2,000 mpm … we dislike them and our pigeons hate them even more. The weather forecast clearly indicated these circumstances so we anticipated on this extreme windy weather. For the national Chateauroux (526km) race no youngsters were basketted and from our 15 best yearlings only one was basketted. We had no losses but had three hens who returned with severe injuries…
We started with the 31° and 78° National Chateauroux against 4,203 old birds. Not bad, but our pigeons can’t make the difference in such extreme fast races.
Our first arrival was our most experienced racer. It was the dark hen "Queen Barco"(B16-6032227). She has got a great list of records. She is a full sister to "Power Barco"(B16-6032318), 2° National Chateauroux (526km) !
"Queen Barco"(B16-6032227) won a.o. :
10° National Argenton (555km) 3,322 p.
21° National Chateauroux (526km) 2,858 p.
31° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,203 p. (other race)
14° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,274 p. (other race)
20° National z. Bourges (479km) 1,561 p.
30° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 5,075 p.
70° National Argenton (555km) 3,966 p. (other race)
4° Noyon (208km) 419 p. (after 3 lofmates)
70° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 1,444 p. (other race)

"Queen Barco"(B16-6032227) (picture is from 2018)
The 78° National Chateauroux was won by the blue hen B17-6025078.  She is a granddaughter to "Salgo"(B07-6221050).
B17-6025078 won a.o. :
4° Provincial Argenton (555km) 3,025 p.
5° National z. Argenton (555km) 6,640 p.
31° National Argenton (555km) 19,864 p.
10° Provincial Jarnac (697km) 376 p.
10° Provincial Blois (462km) 402 p.
78° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,203 p.
86° National Chateauroux (526km) 1,790 p. (other race)
4° Argenton (555km) 165 p. (other race)
5° Noyon (208km) 465 p.
15° Noyon (208km) 669 p.
22° Ecouen (283km) 851 p.

B17-6025078 has got a nice list of records