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First race of the season – first big victory!

Yesterday the racing season in Belgium could finally start after all the corona troubles. It was a big relief for all the Belgian fanciers. Our pigeons were sent to Melun (310km). On the very first race of the season we were already able to have a big victory: in Union Antwerpen we won 1° Melun (310km) against 2,759 pigeons!

We have deliberately chosen for a slow start of the season – for instance heavy darkening of our racers - so the team result of our pigeons was not yet how we normally want our birds to perform. But this should improve with the important races that are scheduled the comings weeks. Bearing this information in mind, this 1° prize against 2,759 pigeons gives us an extra boost of confidence! 

Which pigeon won the 1° Melun (310km) against 2,759 pigeons? It was the beautiful blue hen “La Donna”(B18-6020283). She is a talented racer with already a nice track record.

“La Donna”(B18-6020283) won a.o. :
1° Melun (310km) 2,759 p.
4° Melun (310km) 4,423 p. (double result)
17° Provincial Issoudun (504km) 2,147 p.
4° Chevrain (354km) 848 p.
6° Argenton (555km) 335 p.
7° Melun (310km) 762 p. (after 6 loftmates)
11° Melun (310km) 1,210 p.
15° Montlucon (555km) 371 p.

"La Donna"(B18-6020283) won the 1° prize against 2,759 pigeons

“La Donna”(B18-6020283) is a direct daughter to our top hen “La Perla”(B12-6196185), 1° National Gueret (590km) 2,656 pigeons. She is a granddaughter to famous “La Bomba”(B10-6052045). The father of “La Donna”(B18-6020283) is from the “Mustang”(B14-6175237) family.


Our second arrival was the yearling hen B19-6016029. She won 14° Melun (310km) 2,669 pigeons. B19-6016029 is a talented bird. As a youngster she already won top prizes, and we except her to do the same this racing season.

B19-6016029 won a.o. :
2° Pont (250km) 1,785 p.
2° fast. Pont 2,130 p. (after a loftmate)
14° Melun (310km) 2,669 p
13° Melun 1,106 p. (other race)

B19-6016029 is a granddaughter to "Mustang"(B14-6175237)

B19-6016029 is a half-sister to “Power Barco”(B16-6032318), 2° National Chateauroux (526km) 2,858 pigeons. The mother of B19-6016029 is a direct daughter of famous “Mustang”(B14-6175237), 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) 33,018 pigeons.