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Belgian references

The last few days we have received some interesting references from our Belgian colleagues. Please take a look below.

- Andre Van Haute (Moerzeke, BE) won last weekend 1° fast. Provincial Chateauroux (505km) against 8,991 pigeons. His bird had a lead of no less than 12 minutes on number two! The mother of this bird is an original Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. She is bred from “Hercules”(B10-6052441) x 1st Provincial Ace KBDB “Vitara”(B10-6052150).
- Superstar Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) won last weekend 42° National Limoges (641km) 15,789 pigeons. In 2017 this cock already became 1st Ace-pigeon in the federation. The mother of this bird was born at our loft. She is closely related to our national ace-pigeon “Zorro”(B15-6026003).
- The Antwerp combination Vereyken-Gommers (Schilde, BE) won last weekend in the strong club St. Job the 1° prize with the old birds and the 1° prize with the yearlings on the provincial Blois (469km) race. The father of the old birds winner is an original Vercammen pigeon. He is a grandson to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). The mother of the yearlings winner is a Vercammen bird too. She is from the “Elektro”(B08-6174630) and “Panter”(B86-6056506) family.
- Also the famous Dirk Van Dyck told (Zandhoven, BE) us that one of his very best current racers has got the Vercammen blood in her veins. The mother of this racing hen is a daughter to our top breeder “Milos”(B10-6251534).