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1° fastest Provincial Sermaises (362km) of almost 7,000 birds!

What a tough racing day we had yesterday! The birds had to deal with very, very strong headwinds from start till end.

We split our team in two and sent them to two federations. Our birds managed to win the first prize in both federations. We even had the fastest bird of the whole release against almost 7,000 birds! Remarkable: both our winners are coming from the same super breeding cock, “Puncher”(BE17-6025361). "Black Widow"(BE22-6020269) won 1° prize in Union Antwerpen against 2,257 birds and was the fastest of the whole release against almost 7,000 birds. "Blue Widow"(BE21-6138360) won the 1° prize in the South Antwerp Federation against 1,044 birds.

20/05/2023 Sermaises (362km)
South Antwerp Federation 1,044 old birds: 1-3-4-10-13-14-26-38-40-43-55-63-64-69-71-83-…  31/38 (old birds + yearlings)
South Antwerp Federation 619 yearlings: 2-3-6-12-20-22-24-35-36-…  15/17

Union Antwerpen 2,257 old birds: 1-20-22-…  17/34 (old birds + yearlings)
Union Antwerpen 1,366 yearlings: 1-15-…  13/28

More information will follow later.