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1-4-5-7-10-14-19-... against 1,929 pigeons on tough Sermaises (362km) race!

We had another top racing weekend. In this article we will discuss our result on the middle distance race Sermaises (362km). It was a tough race. The birds had to stay two nights in the basket because of the bad weather on Saturday. On Sunday the birds had to deal with headwinds and a temperature that rose till 25°C. The perfect weather for our pigeons to make the difference!

Our pigeons won the following results:

06/06/2021 Sermaises (362km)
Federation 1,112 old birds: 1-4-5-6-9-11-16-22-23-24-25-26-34-38-39-42-47-…  49/66 (old birds + yearlings) 
Federation 644 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-7-12-17-18-19-20-21-27-30-31-34-36-42-45-…  35/55

Interfederation 1,929 old birds: 1-4-5-7-10-14-19-33-35-36-37-38-49-55-56-60-67-…  44/66 (old birds + yearlings) (24/66 birds won a prize in the first 10%)


The first prize (1° Sermaises against 1,929 old birds) was won by the beautiful checkered hen BE20-6166065. She is a direct daughter to our top breeder “London”(BE16-6032120).

Top breeder "London"(BE16-6032120)

"London"(BE16-6032120) won a.o. :

2° Limoges (672km) 307 p.
35° National z. Limoges (672km) 4,551 p.
74° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,389 p.
61° National z. Tulle (657km) 2,627 p.
88° National z.  Brive (704km) 2,640 p.


“London”(BE16-6032120) is father to a.o. :

"Madrid"(BE19-6016217) :
1° National z.  Limoges (672km) 2,875 p.
5° National Limoges (672km) 9,756 p.

BE20-6166065 :
1° Sermaises (362km) 1,929 p.

“Rome”(BE19-6016034) :
1° fast. Argenton (555km) 836 p. 
18° National z. Argenton (555km) 8,121 p.
5° Chevrain (362km) 869 p.

BE19-6016335 :
4° Sermaises (362km) 3,125 p.

BE20-6166235 :
3° Noyon (208km) 846 p.

The mother of our first prize winner BE20-6166065 is a daughter to “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) x “Elektro Princess”(BE17-6025201). The week before a child of “Elektro Princess”(BE17-6025201) won 1° Sermaises (362km) 1,556 pigeons. This was also a tough race.

BE20-6166065 won 1° Sermaises (362km) against 1,929 pigeons

Our second arrival was the checkered hen BE20-6166350.  She is the favorite hen of Jos! This checkered hen is born in April 2020 and was added at the very last moment to our young birds team because of two reasons: she has got the perfect built and she has got a fantastic pedigree. She was younger than the other young birds but we did not mind that. She only did a few races as a baby but already showed signed of super class. She ended the season with a 1° prize on Quievrain. Now in 2021 she has already shown her super class several times. BE20-6166350 has got a great origin. She is a direct child to “Iron Man”(BE17-6025089) x “Letra – Mother Mustang”(BE12-6196107).

The super talented BE20-6166350

Our next arrival was our first nominated pigeon, the checkered cock BE19-6016058. Last week he won 7° Sermaises (362km) against 1,556 pigeons. Now he wins 5° Sermaises (362km) against 1,929 pigeons. He is a son to the top birds “Elektro Junior”(BE16-6032012) and “Lilly”(BE15-6026002). "Elektro Junior"(BE16-6032012) was 5th National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance. "Lilly"(BE15-6026002) won a.o. 1° National z. Argenton (555km) 3,961 pigeons / 3° National Argenton (555km) 13,730 pigeons. BE19-6016058 is a grandson to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237) and “Elektro”(BE08-6174630).

First nominated pigeon BE19-6016058 is a son to "Elektro Junior"(BE16-6032012) x "Lilly"(BE15-6026002)

Arrival number four was the checkered cock BE20-6166106. He is a son to “Didi”(BE16-6032013). “Didi” is a proven racer (and breeder) himself and the nest-brother to our national ace “Elektro Junior”(BE16-6032012). His mother won 2° provincial Jarnac (697km) and is a daughter to “La Bomba”(BE10-6052045).

The talented checkered cock BE20-6166106

Arrival number five was the blue hen BE20-6166186. She is a child to two former top racers who are since 2021 a part of our breeding loft, “Ito”(BE17-6025336) and “Abba Elektra”(BE18-6020199). Last week BE20-6166186 won 5° Sermaises (362km) against 1,556 pigeons. Now she wins 10° Sermaises (362km) against 1,929 birds. She is a talented pigeon!

BE20-6166186 is a daughter to "Ito"(BE17-6025336) x "Abba Elektra"(BE18-6020199)

Arrival number six was the dark checkered hen BE20-6166166. She is a daughter to “Elektro Junior”(BE16-6032012). Her mother is a top breeding daughter to “’Salgo”(BE07-6221050).

Our seventh arrival was the blue hen BE20-6166212. She is a daughter to “Delphine”(BE11-6282004). Her father is a son to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400).

Arrival number eight was the dark cock BE20-6166161. As a youngster he already won 1° Sermaises (362km) against 1,493 pigeons with a lead of three minutes on the number two in the race. His father is a son to “Black Dragon”(BE15-6026259) x “Zara”(BE15-6026038). His mother is a daughter to “Super Elektro”(BE15-6026571).