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Vereyken-Gommers (Belgium)

1° National z. Gueret (598km) 5,821 p.

On 13 June 2015 our top hen “Ariana”(B14-6175056) won 2° National z. Gueret (590km) 5,821 pigeons / 16° National 16,262 pigeons!
On the national zone level she was only beaten by one bird from the Antwerp combination Vereyken-Gommers. Right after the arrival of this pigeon they informed us that their first bird is partly a Vercammen pigeon. Their winner “Barny”(B14-6171203) is a grandson to our top breeder “New Panter”(B05-6452528)! 

“Barny” won:
1° National z. Gueret (598km) 5,821 p.
11° National Gueret (598km) 16,262 p.