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Team Koczian (Hungary)

1° National Lipcse (640km) against 13,079 pigeons is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

The Koczian family is one of the most successful racing teams in Hungary. For many years their pigeons are at the top of Hungarian pigeon racing.  We know this great family already for a long time. They were amazing hosts during our last visit to their domain. We were there at the occasion of the Pigeon Olympiad in Budapest. 

The Koczian family has got two big passions: pigeon racing and … boxing! They are excelling in both sports.

The main event in Hungarian pigeon racing is the yearly national race. Only one national race is organized per year. Every fancier in Hungary is hoping to win this big race one day. This summer the top bird “Mr. Dinamit”(HU17-RD-124379) of Team Koczian was the glorious winner of the national Lipcse (640km) race. He beat more than 13,000 pigeons on this race!

“Mr. Dinamit”(HU17-RD-124379) 

“Mr. Dinamit”(HU17-RD-124379) won a.o. :
1° National Lipcse (640km) 13,079 p.
4° Jihlava (331km) 4,619 p.
3° Brno (253km) 2,365 p.
6° Teplice (516km) 2,112 p.

Another picture of “Mr. Dinamit”(HU17-RD-124379) 

What is the origin of this national winner? His father is a Vercammen bird and looking very similar to the national winner “Mr. Dinamit”(HU17-RD-124379). His father is a descendant to “Barco”(B01-6387350) and also closely related to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). His mother is from the Harry line of Hooymans. 

This national winner is not the only top bird with Vercammen blood at the loft of Koczian. Another top racer is “Queen Rose”(HU16-RD-16622). This hen is a result of the crossing Hok Jos Vercammen x Leo Heremans.

Top racer "Queen Rose”(HU16-RD-16622)

“Queen Rose”(HU16-RD-16622) won a.o. :
1° Benesov (413km) 1,037 p.
2° Benesov (413km) 6,837 p.
3° Jihlava (331km) 1,096 p.
6° Beneseov (413km) 9,454 p.
8° Polna (331km) 1,635 p.
15° Jihlava (331km) 4,838 p.
22° Kuty (200km) 6,846 p.
27° Velke (302km) 2,470 p.

Another top racer at the loft of Koczian is “Lomacsenko”(HU16-D-209077). This cock is again a successful product of the crossing Hok Jos Vercammen x Leo Heremans.

“Lomacsenko”(HU16-D-209077) is named after a famous boxer

“Lomacsenko”(HU16-D2097077) won a.o. :
2° Polna (331km) 1,205 p.
2° Velke (302km) 842 p.
3° Jihlava (331km) 8,535 p.
4° Velke (302km) 328 p.
8° Kuty (200km) 1,963 p.
8° Velke (302km) 1,512 p.
8° Magdeburg (751km) 1,004 p.
9° Velke (302km) 1,354 p.
10° Jihlava (331km) 1,453 p.
14° Grimma (621km) 1,706 p.
19° Kuty (200km) 1,845 p.
24° Kuty (200km) 6,846 p.

One of the favourite pigeons of Mr. Koczian is "Princess"(HU16-D-101668). She has got an incredible list of racing records, also on the +600km races. Her mother is an original Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon.

"Princess"(HU16-D-101668) won a.o.:
1° Grimma (621km) 2,040 p.
3° Benesov (413km) 2,892 p.
4° Jihlava (331km) 1,241 p.
5° Benesov (413km) 6,837 p.
5° Halle (671km) 1,337 p.
5° Velke (304km) 1,354 p.
9° Benesov (413km) 4,578 p.
9° Jihlava (331km) 1,219 p.
10° Grimma (621km) 5,014 p.
12° Lepzing 13,070 p.

Super hen "Princess"(HU16-D-101668) 

Congratulations to Team Koczian with these top birds and we wish you a lot of success for the coming season!