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Roziers and Pioneer loft (Belgium + China)

Super son to "Mustang"(B14-6175237) breeds winners in Belgium and in China
There are many good breeding pigeons around. However, breeders that have been breeding winners on two different continents, those are more rare. “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050) is such a bird. He is a direct son to our superstar “Mustang”(B14-6175237) when coupled to “Angel”(B09-6248545), a daughter to “Barco”(B01-6387350). “Angel”(B09-6248545) is for instance mother to “Zara”(B15-6026038) and “Dana”(B15-6026272).
Let’s start in Europe (Belgium). “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050) became at the loft of Jelle Roziers (Itegem, Belgium) father to “Girl In the Night”(B18-6034048). She won amongst others 40° National Chateauroux (524km) 17,281 pigeons.  “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050) was coupled to a daughter to Roziers his famous national winner “Queen L”(B04-6277729) x a Houben cock. This Houben bird is a descendant of the famous “Pinocchio”(B98-6210287). “Pinocchio”(B98-6210287) was also a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon, closely related to our pigeons “Mambo”(B08-6144041) and “Porto”(B03-6287006). By the way, another 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon, “Gust”(B17-6037540), won at the loft of Roziers 1° fast. National Bourges (477km) against 59,253 pigeons! His mother is an original Vercammen hen.

The amazing "Mustang"(B14-6175237)
Now let’s switch to Asia (China). “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050) became in China father to the checkered hen CN2019-B000692. She was in 2019 a remarkable pigeon at the famous Pioneer Race (Beijing, China). It is not the first time that the Vercammen birds are shining at this race.  This Pioneer club is widely known because nearly all the best racers of China are participating. The prize money that can be won in this club is unbelievable, it is beyond comparison.  How does it work? Different lofts were constructed at the same location, an exclusive area in one of the suburbs of Beijing. Participants can rent one of these lofts to race their youngsters. The positive aspect of this method is that all the birds have to return to the same location – which means more honest races – while you can still take care of your own birds. The racing season in the Pioneer Loft is around October and November. The final races are the hardest  ones. In a short time frame the birds have to fly 3x 500km and 1x 560km.  The intensive racing program makes it very difficult for the birds. Only the strongest birds can prevail. For the 2019 competition no less than 12,558 pigeons were subscribed.  After the final race the Ace-pigeons are determined. These ace-birds are highly regarded by the Chinese fanciers. They have proven to be constant while maintaining a high average speed, even if the weather circumstances are hard. Often is said by Chinese fanciers: ‘If your pigeons can be amongst the best Ace-pigeons in the Pioneer Loft, then your strain must be good for sure.’ The very consistent results of this granddaughter of “Mustang”(B14-6175237) resulted in the title of 12th Ace-pigeon of the Pioneer Race 2019!

The 12th Ace-pigeon in the famous Pioneer 2019 is a grandchild to "Mustang"(B14-6175237)
Let us pay some extra attention to the pedigree of “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050). Of course we don’t need to present you his father “Mustang”(B14-6175237). As a youngster he won 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) against 33,018 pigeons. Later he became a fantastic breeding pigeon. You can check his breeding records through this link: .
The mother of “Mustang Junior”(B15-6287050) is “Angel”(B09-6248545). She is a daughter to “Barco”(B01-6387350) and full sister to the father of “Mustang”(B14-6175237). This means that “Mustang”(B15-6278050) is a strong inbreeding product to the “Barco”(B01-6387350) family. “Angel”(B09-6248545) was a great breeding hen. She became mother to a.o. “Zara”(B15-6026038), “Dana”(B15-6026272) and “Lola”(B16-6032090).
“Zara”(B15-6026038) won a.o. :
1° Bourges (479km) 377 p. (9 minutes ahead)
18° National Bourges  (479km) 19,889 p.
1° Chevrain (354km) 688 p.
2° Argenton (555km) 236 p.
47° National Argenton (555km) 12,449 p.
41° National z. Bourges (479km) 3,024 p.
56° National Argenton (555km) 4,582 p. (other race)
28° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,274 p. (other race)
62° National z. Chateauroux (526km) 2,912 p.
8° Noyon (208km) 733 p.
10° Melun (310km) 1,075 p.

Top hen "Zara"(B15-6026038)
“Lola”(B16-6032090) won a.o. :
1° Chateauroux (527km) 303 p.
2° Provincial Chateauroux (527km) 717 p.
4° National  Chateauroux (527km) 4,389 p
2° Noyon (208km) 524 p. (after loftmate)
8° National z.  Argenton (555km) 1,274 p.
23° National Argenton (555km) 3,966 p. 
“Dana”(B15-6026272) won a.o. : 
13° National Montlucon (555km) 10,753 p.
1° Montlucon (555km) 455 p.
1° Souppes (357km) 702 p.

"Dana"(B15-6026272) is a grandchild to "Barco"(B01-6387350) and "Elektro"(B08-6174630)
This double reference is another proof how strong the “Mustang”(B14-6175237) family is. They can breed winners all over the world, in different weather circumstances. We are very proud to have such an unique bird on our loft.