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Mr. Ye (Taiwan)

1st Ace-pigeon (entry 8,364 pigeons) is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

Mr. Ye is a Taiwanese fancier and has been collecting Hok Jos Vercammen pigeons since many years. He has been very successful with them. Mr. Ye is a long-term friend from us. During our last trip to Taiwan he was for instance so kind to pick us up at the airport and to guide us around in his region.

Mr. Ye is a very respected fancier in Taiwan. He is an intelligent man who perfectly knows how to manage his breeding and racing loft in order to perform at a high level. Also in most recent Taiwanese racing season he proved to be a top pigeon racer. He won the title of 1st Ace-pigeon of the winter racing season! What is the pedigree of this 1st Ace-pigeon TW20-325278? She is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen bird! In the pedigree of this pigeon you can find our two famous basic pigeons “Elektro”(BE08-6174630) and “Barco”(BE01-6387350).

Super "Elektro"(BE08-6174630)

Super "Barco"(BE01-6387350)

In total 8,354 pigeons were entered for the ‘Winter Races’ in the racing federation of Taoyuan. For those who are not familiar with these Taiwanese races, they can read here a short description. After some qualifying races to train the birds, the main races start. These main races are released on the sea. After all the pigeons are collected in baskets, they are transported in trucks and put on a big ship. The next day in the early morning they are released in the full sea. The pigeons have only got a limited time to get home. If they are too late, they are disqualified and can’t participate to the next race. Of course, flying across the sea is not easy for the pigeons. Luckily most pigeons made it home from these extremely hard flights.  

It was a difficult edition this year with a lot of rain showers. After the fourth race, only 49 pigeons were able to qualify their self. Since the criteria demand that there should a minimum number of pigeons to organize the next race, and that the number of 49 birds was below this minimum, the fourth race was also the last race of the ‘Winter Races 2020’ edition. The pigeon TW20-325278  of Mr. Ye was the pigeon with the highest average velocity on these four important races over the sea. She is a beautiful small sized blue hen with a colorful yellow eye.

1st Ace-pigeon TW20-325278 is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

TW20-325278 won a.o. :
1st Ace-pigeon Winter Races  (entry 8,354 pigeons)

We want to congratulate Mr. Ye with this outstanding Ace title and wish him many more success in the years to come.