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Mr. Tang (China)

Success with the "Barco"(B01-6387350) off springs

We will give you a concrete example that illustrates the ‘rise’ of “Barco”(B01-6387350) in China. In 2004 we sent a baby of “Barco” to the Wutaishan One Loft Race in China. That time “Barco” was still an unknown bird. It was only his second year on the breeding loft. This child to “Barco”, the blue cock B04-6058327, won in the final race the 2° prize! The racing distance was appr. 500km and there were 920 birds remaining for the final flight. On the auction afterwards this bird was bought by the Chinese fancier Mr. Wei Tang. He could impossibly know that this buy would turn out to be the best investment he had ever done!

This son to “Barco” became a massive breeder at his loft. In 2008 a direct child to this pigeon won the 2° prize in the final race of the Wily One Loft Race. The birds had to fly 500km.

A grandchild to B04-6058327, the son of “Barco”, won the 1° prize in the final race of the Bo Cai One Loft Race. Also here the distance of the final race was 500km. It was a very hard race and this bird from the “Barco” line was able to beat all the competitors.

Mr. Tang doesn’t only send birds to One Loft Races, he also participates to the traditional races. In 2012 he had the 5th Ace-pigeon of the Wuhan Region. They make a ranking of the best birds on the races from 200 till 600km. A grandson of B04-6058327 ended up as number five. A daughter to this Ace-pigeon won this year 100,000 RMB (+/- 13,000 Euro) for Mr. Tang. In 2013 he had the 6th Ace-pigeon of the Wuhan Region. It was again a grandchild to B04-6058327!

No wonder that Mr. Tang has become a big fan of the “Barco” family!