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Mr. Green (Taiwan)

Star racer in Taiwanese Winter Season is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

We are always proud to receive messages from fanciers who race well with the descendants of our pigeons. The Vercammen pigeons are for instance very popular in Taiwan. The last years many Taiwanese Ace-pigeons were won with the Vercammen blood in the pedigree.  The loft of Mr. Green has got an impressive team of Vercammen breeders at their breeding loft. They focus almost only on the Vercammen birds. This strategy has brought him a lot of success. 

The loft of Mr. Green was again very successful on the Winter Races in Taiwan. For those who are not familiar with these Taiwanese races, they can read here a short description. After some qualifying races to train the birds, the six main races start. The pigeons have only got a limited time to get home. If they are too late, they are disqualified and can’t participate to the next race.

The six main races are as follows:

Race 1: 250km (150km across the sea)
Race 2: 280km (180km across the sea)
Race 3: 310km (210km across the sea)
Race 4: 340km (240km across the sea)
Race 5: 370km (270km across the sea)
Race 6: 400km (300km across the sea)

Of course, flying across the sea is not easy for the pigeons. Luckily most pigeons made it home from these extremely hard flights.  


Mr. Green sent us the following message:

“Hello Mr. Vercammen      
Your pigeons performed very well again in this year's Taiwan winter races. They can dominate the race in in Taiwan's summer races but also in winter races, proving that your pigeons are all-round. This year's winter races in Taiwan were particularly difficult, as only a few birds were able to qualify for the last races. The competition ended after race number five, because not enough birds could qualify for race number six. For your information: the competition started with more than 7,000 pigeons! My bird was one of the star racers in this competition, winning an impressive amount of prize money for my loft. This bird is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. The father is bred from “Samsung”(BE15-6026082) x “Mustang Princess”(BE17-6026617). The mother is also a Vercammen pigeon. Thank you again for your excellent pigeons, they brought us many successes. 
Green (2022/12/10)”


This top racer in Taiwan is 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon


This big prize money winner is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. The father of this winner is bred from “Samsung”(BE15-6026082) x “Mustang Princess”(BE17-6026617). “Samsung”(BE15-6026082) is one of the best children ever of our basic pigeon “Elektro”(BE08-6174630), as a racer AND as a breeder. “Mustang Princess”(BE17-6026617) is a daughter to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237) and a top breeding hen. She is mother to for instance the amazing “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108).


Top bird "Samsung"(BE15-6026082) is the grandfather to the Taiwanese winner


“Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108) won a.o. :   
1° fast. Provincial Bourges (479km) 9,041 p. (1,227 m/min)
1° fast. National zone Chateauroux (526km) 2,650 p. (1,081 m/min) (8h7min flying)
1° fast. Provincial Chateauroux (526km) 2,280 p. (7 minutes ahead)
6° National Chateauroux (526km) 7,099 p.
2° National z. Bourges (479km) 4,313 p.
60° National Bourges (479km) 34,311 p.
265° National Chateauroux (526km) 24,617 p.
279° National Issoudun (505km) 9,777 p.
42° National z. Issoudun (505km) 1,360 p. (other race)
1° Chevrain (354km) 869 p.
7° Melun (310km) 2,063 p.
24° fast. Provincial Melun (310km) 7,238 p.
9° Melun (310km) 2,897 p.
10° Noyon (208km) 512 p.
11° Argenton (555km) 473 p.
13° Noyon (208km) 1,613 p.
16° Bourges (479km) 747 p.
17° Noyon (208km) 1,029 p.
18° Noyon (208km) 662 p.

Top hen "Mustang Queen"(BE19-6016108) is closely related to the Taiwanese winner


Congratulations to Mr. Green with this top bird!