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Mr. Chu (Taiwan)

Success with the "Super Lady"(B11-6282019) family on the very tough races

On 16 December 2015 Mr. Chu (Taiwan) sent us the following e-mail:

Dear Lars:

I have just finished North Sea racing today and would like to tell you that your strain wins number 17 of 10,500 pigeons. It's a very tough racing, all of pigeons must be continue racing for twice a week and total 6 times. The final time (today, 6th racing) only 10.6% = 160 pigeons come home within the limited time. It is granddaughter of “Diva”(B05-6234001), the mother of “Super Lady”(B11-6282019). Thank you again and I wish you have successful racing results next year.


Sincerely  Yours,   Chu


It's not the first time that this strain has been successful on the hard races. When the circumstances are hard, the "Super Lady"(B11-6282019) family often flies on top. “Super Lady” herself was a very tough racing hen. Especially  her performance on the national Montelimar race was unqiue. A lot of people congratulated us after that race. They said it was an amazing achievement. This pigeon won an absolute top prize, certainly if you consider the following facts. This bird had to fly by far the longest distance of all the early national birds. Our loft was also the only one located in the middle of Belgium. The other early birds had to fly towards the eastern part of Belgium.

“Super Lady”(B11-6282019) won a.o.:
5th Ace-pigeon Semi-long distance (450-600km) St. Job in 2013

1° Provincial Montelimar (737km) 459 p. in 2014 (20 minutes ahead)
6° National Montelimar (737km) 3,868 p.

61° National Gueret (590km) 3,415 p.
62° National Gueret (590km) 2,656 p. (other race)
30° National z. Poitiers (595km) 2,499 p.
2° Dourdan (366km) 214 p. (beaten by a loftmate)
35° Interprovincial Blois (462km) 3,946 p.
95° S.-national Chalon Sur Saône (487km) 3,950 p.
12° Melun (310km) 1,752 p.
15° Chateauroux (526km) 503 p.
15° Melun (310km) 2,013 p.