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Marek Trzaska (Poland)

2nd National Ace Small Middle Distance and 2nd National Ace Great Middle Distance are both 50% Vercammen birds

Poland is one of the upcoming countries in global pigeon racing. They have many motivated fanciers who try to breed the best possible racing birds. One of the absolute stars in Poland is Marek Trzaska. Over the years he has had different national ace-pigeons and Olympiad birds. His breeding loft is mainly based on Hok Jos Vercammen pigeons.

In 2015 two of his birds became 2nd National Ace-pigeon, the first one on the small middle distance, the other one on the great middle distance! Let us present these two top racers to you.

The first one is “General”(PL-0264-13-400).  He became 2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Small Middle Distance 2015. He is a grandson to our wonder breeder “Elektro”(B08-6174630). The mother of “General” is a direct daughter to “Elektro”. 

“General”(PL-0264-13-400) is a real racing monster. He is on his way to become one of Poland’s best racers in history. “General” was born in June 2013 and was the youngest bird in the young birds team of Mr. Trzaska. He only flew a few training races in his year of birth. Therefore Marek Trzaska only expected top results from him starting from 2015 but he immediately excelled in 2014 by winning the following  prizes:
1° prize (145km) 6,305 p.
4° prize (332km) 3,834 p.
18° prize (182km) 6,312 p.
The season 2015 would be his first one as ‘captain of the team’. “General”(PL-0264-13-400) did not disappoint at all! Below you can see all his results from this season. His ‘worst’ result was  the 37° prize against 2,430 pigeons … impressive! Especially on the last two races of the season he showed his super class. On two difficult races he won the first prize with a lead of 13 and 9 minutes on number two!
“General”(PL-0264-13-400) won a.o. (no double results):
2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Small Middle Distance 2015

1° prize (145km) 6,305 p.
1° prize (320km) 2,078 p. (13 minutes ahead)
1° prize (320km) 1,892 p. (9 minutes ahead)

4° prize (185km) 6,131 p. (beaten by 3 loftmates)
4° prize (332km) 3,834 p.
5° prize (345km) 3,719 p.
7° prize (260km) 5,832 p.
18° prize (182km) 6,312 p.

The phenomenal “General”(PL-0264-13-400) is a grandson to "Elektro"(B08-6174630)

We have handled “General”(PL-0264-13-400) and we must say that he is a beautiful pigeon. He is obviously the same type of pigeon as his grandfather “Elektro”(B08-6174630).

Superbreeder "Elektro"(B08-6174630)

Mr. Trzaska expects him to be on his peak in the season 2016. That would be very interesting for him with a pigeon Olympiad in Belgium coming up!

The other national ace-pigeon of Marek Trzaska is the blue hen “First Lady”(PL-0264-11-6306). She became 2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Great Middle Distance 2015. Her father is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen bird. He is a full brother to “Arena”(B08-6144137), 1st Belgian Ace-pigeon Europacup Allround 2010.

Top hen "“First Lady”(PL-0264-11-6306)" is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

The blue hen “First Lady”(PL-0264-11-6306) became 2nd National Ace-pigeon of Poland in her fifth racing season, this is quite unique! What is even more special, is the fact that it is already the second time that this blue hen is ranked amongst the national ace-pigeons! Also in 2014 she was one of Poland’s best birds on the middle distance.

“First Lady”(PL-0264-11-6306) won a.o. (no double results):
2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Great Middle Distance 2015

1° prize (543km) 2,634 p.
3° prize (371km) 5,253 p.
3° prize (319km) 1,892 p.
6° prize (319km) 2,078 p.
7° prize (182km) 5,682 p.
10° prize (543km) 3,535 p.
12° prize (343km) 3,719 p.
14° prize (337km) 3,234 p.
24° prize (365km) 5,406 p.
24° prize (374km) 3,286 p.
26° prize (337km) 3,720 p.
28° prize (342km) 4,746 p.

Also during the season 2016 the hen "First Lady"(PL-0264-11-6306) will still be a part of the racing team of Marek Trzaska. It will be her sixth year on the racing loft!

Congratulations to Mr. Trzaska with these exceptional results and we hope to see you representing your country at the Olympiad in Belgium next year!