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Marek Trzaska (Poland)

Fantastic grandchild of "Elektro"(B08-6174630)

The most remarkable grandchild of “Elektro”(B08-6174630), raced abroad, is probably the cock  PL-0264-13-400, raced by Marek Trzaska (Poland).  He is a real racing monster. Mr. Trzaska expects him to be on his peak in the season 2016. Will people be calling this bird next year the best Polish bird ever?
PL-0264-13-400 won a.o.:
1° prize (145km) 6,305 p.
1° prize (320km) 2,078 p. (13 minutes ahead)
1° prize (320km) 1,892 p. (9 minutes ahead)
4° prize (185km) 6,131 p. (beaten by 3 loftmates)
4° prize (332km) 3,834 p.
5° prize (345km) 3,719 p.
7° prize (260km) 5,832 p.
18° prize (182km) 6,312 p.