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Hugo and Tomas Simao (Portugal)

1° prize against 2,654 pigeons in Portugal is bred from an original Vercammen hen.

The Portugese father and son combination Hugo and Tomas Simao sent us an e-mail. This racing season they won 1° prize on the Usagre race (278km) against 2,654 pigeons. The mother of this winner is the dark hen B09-6248472, an original Vercammen hen. She is bred from the “Beckham”(B01-6387174) and “Panter”(B86-6056506) breeding lines.

The top Vercammen hen at the loft of the Simao family

The Simao family is a huge fan of the dark Vercammen birds. Little Tomas got for his birthday even a cake with a dark Vercammen bird on…

Little Tomas Simao is crazy about pigeons; take a look at the dark Vercammen hen on his birthday cake!