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Erik Limbourg (Belgium)

Super Vercammen breeding hen at the loft of Erik Limbourg

At the end of 2020 famous Belgian superstar Erik Limbourg held a total auction. One of the most remarkable breeders in his auction was the blue hen “Blue Jan”(BE12-6326976). Some insiders consider her even as Limbourg’s best breeding hen of the last years. 

“Blue Jan”(BE12-6326976) is born at our breeding loft in Vremde. She is the result of a co-breeding project of our pigeon “Thunderbolt”(BE08-6144141) with the blue hen “Dikke Blauwe”(BE05-6433118) from our friend Jan Verbergt.

Super breeding hen “Blue Jan”(BE12-6326976) was born at our breeding loft

“Thunderbolt”(B08-6144141) is closely related to our basic breeders “Mambo”(B08-6144041) and “Beckham”(B01-6387174). “Thunderbolt”(B08-6144141) flew as a young bird the 1° prize on La Souterraine (593km) with strong side winds and a national top position against all odds. Later on he became a very valuable breeder at our breeding loft.  He bred several top performing children, first prize winners and national top 100 winners. He also became grandfather to “Zorro”(BE15-6026003), 3rd National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance Young birds.

Our pigeon "Thunderbolt" is the father to “Blue Jan”(BE12-6326976)

“Thunderbolt”(B08-6144141) won a.o. :
1° La Souterraine (593km) 812 p.
45° National La Souterraine (593km) 21,258 p.
75° National z. Tulle (628km) (657km) 2,657 p.

In 2016 the hen “Blue Jan”(BE12-6326976) moved to the breeding lofts of Erik Limbourg where she bred several top racers. Here we will shortly present you her three best children. They performed amazingly on the national races, especially on the +600km flights! Remarkable is that these three pigeons were bred with three several cocks!

“Black Magic 125”(BE16-2024125) won a.o. :
42° National Limoges (644km) 15,789 p.
10° National z. Limoges (644km) 4,551 p.
79° National Aurillac (684km) 3,886 p.
19° National z. Limoges (644km) 2,658 p. (other race)
21° National z. Cahors (746km) 1,999 p.
23° National z. Tulle (628km) 2,627 p.
33° National z. Libourne (743km) 930 p.
44° National z. Brive (677km) 1,230 p.
56° National z. Angouleme (675km) 1,554 p.
95° National z. Brive (677km) 2,640 p. (other race)

“Black Magic 125”(BE16-2024125) is a son to "Blue Jan"(BE12-6326976)

“Goede 234”(BE17-2005234) won a.o. :
2nd Provincial Ace-pigeon All-round KBDB 2018

52° National Bourges 19,133 p.
18° National z. Bourges (449km) 6,920 p.
10° National z. Brive (677km) 1,187 p.
24° National z. Limoges (644km) 2,658 p.
33° National z. Aurillac (684km) 1,112 p.
52° National z. Souillac (703km) 1,988 p.
59° National z. Limoges (644km) 2,510 p. (other race)

“Goede 234”(BE17-2005234) is a son to "Blue Jan"(BE12-6326976)

“Grandson Triple 5 Barcelona”(BE19-2008670) won a.o. :
2° National z. Brive (677km) 1,440 p.
19° National Brive (677km) 4,238 p.
54° National z. Tulle (628km) 1,316 p.
9° Sermaises (330km) 454 p.

"Grandson Triple 5 Barcelona”(BE19-2008670) is a son to "Blue Jan"'(BE12-6326976)

Congratulations to Erik Limbourg with these top results and we are proud to have bred such a top breeding hen!