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Comb. Ottens (the Netherlands)

1° and 6° Asse Zellik (285km) against 7,005 pigeons with 50% Vercammen pigeons

The loft of the Dutch combination Ottens is located in the Norteast of the Netherlands. They specialize on the short and middle distance races. Once and while they send some birds to the long distance flights. Also the young birds races is something they like to attend.

They have a small racing team with 26 old racing cocks and about 50 youngsters to race. For many years they are amongst the most consistent lofts in their federation and province. In the summer of 2015 they contacted us. They wanted to introduce the Vercammen birds at their loft. Their idea was that our birds could bring extra ‘punch’ to their current bloodline. They acquired four pigeons. This summer they contacted us again. They were very satisfied about the introduction of the Vercammen pigeons. One of those pigeons even turned out to be a fantastic breeding hen.

On 26 August 2018 Comb. Ottens won 1° and 6° Asse Zellik (285km) against 7,005 pigeons with two daughters of this original Vercammen hen. It does not happen often that two brothers win a top position against 7,000 birds! Another son of this super breeding hen won as well a 1° prize against 720 birds.

Thanks to the performances of these pigeons, the combination Ottens was crowned as 1st Provincial Champion on the short distance and 6th Provincial Champion on the middle distance. About 900 lofts are competing here.