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A short recap of last weekend

As already mentioned before, the weather circumstances in Belgium are changing all the time the last weeks. Therefore it is difficult for fanciers to make a decision about whether entering their birds for the race or not. We decided to enter only a small team on the Melun (310km) race (two nights of basket). These birds were the hens meant for the longer distance races. The other birds stayed at home. The weather on the race day was finally better then expected and it became a fast and smooth race. So most of our birds had a resting weekend! Hopefully the weather circumstances will change soon. Luckily we had planned for our birds to be in their top condition later this season.

Our birds won the following results:
09/05/2023 Melun (310km)
Union Antwerpen West 1,222 yearlings: 5-6-19-28-33-59-…  13/21
Union Antwerpen 2,513 yearlings: 10-11-29-50-64-…  12/21

This is a very nice result of our long distance team, with two very early prizes and 9/21 birds in the first 10%!

Our two first arrival are both grandchildren of “Mustang”(BE14-6175237)!

BE22-6020052 was our first arrival. This checkered hen is a full sister to “Mustang Disney”(BE19-6016042). Last week she was also in the head of the race but she arrived with a defective electronic ring…

BE22-6020052 is a full sister to "Mustang Disney"(BE19-6016042)

Our second arrival was the dark hen BE22-6020036. This granddaughter to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237) won the week before 6° Noyon (208km) 837 pigeons.