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Top results on Argenton (555km) and Noyon (208km)

The previous national Chateauroux (526km) race was the last race of the season for our star racers like “Super 100”, “Paulina”, “Blanca”, “Ali Baba”, “Donald Duck”, “Cuba” etc. . We kept however a nice team to continue racing on the widowhood system for the national Argenton (555km) race. The birds stayed in the basket till Sunday (3 nights) and our team showed they could perform really well without the captains of the racing team in the race. We sent our young birds to Noyon (208km). It was a rather fast race and our youngsters showed again what they can do best … winning!
21/08/2022 Argenton (555km) 
National z. 858 old birds: 5-20-22-27-32-34-35-39-40-48-66-71-72-80-89-99-… 27/30
National 5,166 old birds: 23-88-96-… 27/30
-> 16/30 birds in the first 10%
21/08/2022 Noyon (208km) 
Federation 1,090 youngsters: 1-2-6-7-8-13-15-16-28-29-46-48-49-50-51-54-55-56-58-64-67-72-78-79-… 67/96
-> 31/96 birds in the first 10%
PS: Some old birds who are raced between the young birds, flew also this Noyon race. Several birds will be amongst the fastest old birds of the release!