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Great Noyon (208km) race

The national racing season will start coming weekend with the famous national Bourges (485km) race. Our birds flew last weekend their final preparation race for this important period.

Last weekend we sent most of our birds to the short distance race Noyon (208km). It was a beautiful race and our birds showed to be ready for the important races.

 Here you can see a ranking of the fastest birds in the province of Antwerp on the Noyon race. We had no less than 7 birds in the top 15 of fastest birds against more than 9,000 (!) pigeons

22/05/2022 Noyon (208km)
Fastest birds province of Antwerp 9,176 birds: 4-8-9-11-13-14-15-26-… 

The fastest birds of the Noyon (208km) race against 9,176 birds