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Racing cocks and La Donna perform strongly on national Issoudun (504km) race

In the previous article you could already read some more information about our spectacular result on the national Limoges (672km) race. We entered birds on the national Issoudun (504km) race as well. Also on this race the result was more than satisfying! On this race we entered mostly our racing cocks. Only three hens were entered for this race, including our star racer "La Donna"(B18-6020283).

Our pigeons won the following results :

18/07/2020 Issoudun (504km)
National 10,603 old birds :  78-122-…  7/8
National z. 3,129 old birds : 17-33-…  7/8
Club St. Job 152 old birds : 2-6-…  7/8 
(7/8 old birds win a prize in the first 10% of the result!)

National 18,176 yearlings : 59-110-190-…  15/28
National z. 6,271 yearlings : 25-47-70-93-…  15/28
Club St. Job 464 yearlings : 4-5-9-16-…  15/28  

Our most remarkable pigeon on this race is our blue star racer “La Donna”(B18-6020283). We had the idea to race her for the National KBDB Ace-pigeon All-round championship. For this you need four top results: one on the short middle distance, one or two on the great middle distance and one or two on the long distance.

Top racing hen "La Donna"(B18-6020283)

“La Donna”(B18-6020283) won in 2020 a.o. :
1° / 2,759 birds Melun (310km)
3° / 15,981 birds National Limoges (672km) 
17° / 3,129 birds National z. Issoudun (504km)

This means that needs only one more top prize! Fingers crossed than she can finish the job! “La Donna”(B18-6020283) is a direct daughter to our top hen “La Perla”(B12-6196185), 1° National Gueret (590km) 2,656 pigeons. She is a granddaughter to famous “La Bomba”(B10-6052045). The father of “La Donna”(B18-6020283) is from the “Mustang”(B14-6175237) family.

Our first yearling was the blue cock B19-6016185. He wins 59° National Issoudun (504km) 18,176 pigeons. His father is “Don Diego”(B17-6025047), 1st Ace-pigeon South Antwerp Federation on the Middle Distance as a youngster. “Don Diego”(B17-6025047) is a son to “Zorro”(B15-6026003), 3rd National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance Youngsters. The mother of B19-6016185 is “Princess Barco”(B17-6025104). “Princess Barco”(B17-6025104) is still a racing hen and won a few weeks ago 6° National Limoges (672km) 15,981 pigeons. In the pedigree of this pigeon B19-6016185 the name of “Barco”(B01-6387350) can be found three times and the name of “Elektro”(B08-6174630) two times!

The blue cock B19-6016185 won 59° National Issoudun (504km) 18,176 pigeons


Our next arrival was the dark checkered cock “Money Maker”(B19-6016105). He was our second nominated pigeon. “Money Maker”(B19-6016105) was in 2019 one of our very best youngsters.  He was crowned as 5th Provincial Ace-pigeon KBDB Antwerp Youngsters. His father is “Armani Elektro”(B17-6025202), another top son to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). His mother is a double grandchild to “Mustang”(B14-6175237), from the pairing “Young Mustang”(B15-6026285) x “Nuan”(B15-6026396). “Money Maker”(B19-6016105) had a rather slow start of the season. Now we think he has found his best condition. The best is yet to come!

"Money Maker"(B19-6016105) is one of the most favourite pigeons of Jos Vercammen


Our third yearling was the checkered cock B19-6016335. He is our best yearling male racer so far this season. Earlier this season he already won 4° Sermaises (362km) 3,125 pigeons. Also the siblings of B19-6016335 have already shown their class this year. His full sister “Madrid”(B19-6016217) won last weekend 1° National z. Limoges (672km) 2,875 pigeons / 1° Provincial Limoges (672km) 1,029 pigeons / 5° National Limoges (672km) 9,756 pigeons! The weekend before another sister, the checkered hen B19-6016034, won 1° fast. Argenton (555km) 836 pigeons / 18° National z. Argenton (555km) 8,121 pigeons / 97° National Argenton (555km) 26,085 pigeons. The father of these talented sibling is “London”(B16-6032120), a former long distance racer at our loft. We moved him after the season 2018 to the breeding loft and this move has already paid off. He has already bred several top flying babies. The future looks bright for “London”(B16-6032120) and his babies.  The mother of these siblings is “Pink Elektra”(B17-6259749), a daughter to “Elektro”(B08-6174630).

B19-6016335 is a child from our new top breeder "London"(B16-6032120)


Our second old bird was the blue cock “Ito”(B17-6025336). He has been a very successful middle distance racer. Two weeks before he successfully made his debut on the +500km with the National Argenton (555km) race. And also on his second +500km race he scored an early ranking. We think he can add some more top results to his track records.  “Ito”(B17-6025336) is a half-brother to “La Ninja”(B18-6020219) who won on the same day as this Issoudun race 6° National Limoges (672km) 10,319 pigeons. “Ito”(B17-6025336)is a grandson to “Milos”(B10-6251534). His mother is “Amore”(B13-6026079), who is a grandchild to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). A child of “Amore”(B13-6026079) bred the 1° National Chateauroux (525km) 17,281 pigeons for Rene Coenen (Kessel, BE)

"Ito"(B17-6025336) has got a very nice list of records

“Ito”(B17-6025336) won a.o. :
1° Noyon (208km) 478 p.
4° Melun (310km) 3,414 p.
4° Chevrain (354km) 447 p.
5° Melun (310km) 495 p.
6° Chevrain (354km) 640 p.
6° Melun (310km) 588 p.
7° Melun (310km) 1,154 p.
8° Melun (310km) 710 p.
9° Melun (310km) 1,371 p.
9° Melun (310km) 211 p.
12° Ecouen (283km) 1,069 p.
14° Ecouen (283km) 2,072 p.
19° Melun (310km) 2,364 p.
33° National z. Issoudun (504km) 3,129 p.
96° National z. Argenton (555km) 4,957 p.


Our fourth yearling was the dark cock B19-6016138. He is a grandson to “Young Mustang”(B15-6026285).