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Fourth race of the season – fourth victory!

The race this weekend was Melun (310km). This flight was again a tough race for the pigeons. The pigeons had to deal with rather strong headwinds on their way back home. The average velocity of the first pigeons was not faster than 1,250 mpm. It was the perfect occasion for our birds to demonstrate their qualities. For the fourth weekend in a row we managed to win the first prize. This time our racing cocks were the most dominant. The week before the racing hens were the most leading sex. It is a joy to have such a talented racing team.

Our pigeons won the following results:

12/05/2019 Melun (310km)
ZAV Federation 830 yearlings: 1-6-14-27-28-36-40-42-43-44-46-53-56-57-60-…  33/54
ZAV Federation 1,622 old birds: 2-4-7-11-21-40-41-43-44-53-60-62-63-64-65-66-71-77-82-86-87-89-92-95…  47/66 (old birds + yearlings)

Interfederation 3,414 old birds: 2-4-11-16-31-59-62-65-66--…  46/66
(1° fastest yearling of 1,672 pigeons)
(28/66 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

Our first arrival and first prize winner was the super talented yearling “Tornado”(B18-6020124). We gave him this name because he is a bird full of energy. It is very hard to handle him, he is so energetic! “Tornado”(B18-6020124) was last year one of our very best youngsters and this year he is again showing his great potential. On the first training race of the season, Quievrain (104km), he was already our first arrival. Then he flew two top 7 positions on the two Noyon (208km) races. Now on his first middle distance race of the season he immediately wins the 1° prize. He is definitely a bird you should keep an eye on the next weeks and months!

The father of “Tornado”(B18-6020124) is our famous “Samsung”(B15-6026082). “Samsung”(B15-6026082) was a great racer himself and is now a key breeder at our breeding loft. His babies can easily win first prizes. “Samsung”(B15-6026082) is one of those super “Elektro”(B08-6174630) children and a full brother to “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012). The mother of “Tornado”(B18-6020124) is a daughter to “Milos”(B10-6251534).

"Tornado"(B18-6020124) is a super talented yearling

“Tornado”(B18-6020124) won a.o. :
1° Melun (310km) 830 p.
2° Melun (310km) 3,414 p. (1° fastest yearling of 1,672 pigeons)
2° Melun (310km) 650 p. (after a loftmate) (3° fast. 2,855 p.)
3° Melun (310km) 439 p. (after 2 lofmates)
4° Noyon (208km) 262 p.
7° Noyon (208km) 485 p. 
7° Noyon (208km) 361 p.
13° Noyon (208km) 815 p.

Our second arrival was the blue cock “Ito”(B17-6025336). He is a nephew of the above mentioned “Tornado(B18-6020124). “Ito”(B17-6025336) was last year already one of our best middle distance racers but now as two-year-old he seems to have become even stronger than last year. He flew two middle distance races so far this season, twice with headwinds, and both times he was in the head of the race.

05/05/2019: 7° Melun (310km) 1,154 pigeons
12/05/2019: 4° Melun (310km) 3,414 pigeons

Look at the smart expression of "Ito"(B17-6025336)

Let’s hope “Ito”(B17-6025336) can continue this way! The father of “Ito”(B17-6025336) is a son to “Milos(B10-6251534). His mother is “Amora”(B13-6026079) who is a granddaughter to “Elektro”(B08-6174630) with top racing results. But more importantly, a granddaughter of “Amora”(B13-6026079) won last year 1° National Chateauroux (525km) 17,281 pigeons.

Our third arrival was the blue cock B17-6025204. He is as well a grandchild of our famous “Elektro”(B08-6174630). If you take a closer look to the pedigree of this pigeon, you will see that he has won some very interesting records!

Our fourth arrival was the blue hen B18-6020080. She is as well a descendant of “Elektro”(B08-6174630)!

Our fifth arrival was the checkered hen B18-6020035. This checkered hen won last week also  9° Melun (310km) 1,154 pigeons!

Our sixth arrival was the ‘boss’ himself, “Iron Man”(B17-6025089). We darkened him quite long this year, because we want his top form to arrive a little bit later. That is why he was not very dominant the first races. This week we could already notice however that his condition is improving by the day. This result showed that we made the right observation. The competition has been warned for the next weeks!  

"Iron Man"(B17-6025089) is building up his top condition

Next week the first national race of the season, Vierzon (476km), will be flown. There will also be a middle distance race.