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1° Provincial Brive (704km) with grandchild Mustang

Fire power. The national Brive (704km) race was a tough one. It was that kind of race where no lucky shots could be found in the head of the result. The birds needed to fly alone, fighting against the head winds. Our first arrival crossed the sky for 10 hours and 30 minutes. Our dark hen “Stella”(B16-6032172) graciously arrived at 17:14:29. She won 1° Provincial Brive 705 birds. She was the 1° fast. Provincial Brive against 1,166 birds too (old birds + yearlings). On the national zone result she can be found as 5° against 2,640 birds. On the national level she wins 57° National Brive (704km) 9,278 pigeons.

Our pigeons made a very strong team performance. They won the following results:

23/06/2018 Brive (704km)
Provincial 705 old birds: 1-3-11-28-59-60-...  6/10
--> 1° fastest provincial 1,166 birds
National z. 2,640 old birds: 5-10-49-88-…  6/10
National 9,278 old birds: 57-117-…  6/10

The glorious winner of the Brive (704km) race was “Stella”(B16-6032172). She is a very talented pigeon for the +600km races. What is the pedigree of this beautiful dark hen? “Stella”(B16-6032172) is a granddaughter to our poster boy “Mustang”(B14-6175237), 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) 33,018 pigeons. “Stella”(B16-6032172) is the nest-sister to “Sherry”(B16-60320171), 1st Ace-pigeon Long Distance Club St. Job (600-800km) and 2° Provincial Tulle (657km) 1,058 pigeons. The father of these top long distance twins is “Black Panter”(B15-6026420). 

1° Provincial Brive winner "Stella"(B16-6032172) is a granddaughter to "Mustang"(B14-6175237)

“Stella”(B16-6032172) won a.o.:
1° fast. Provincial Brive (704km) 1,166 p.
1° Provincial Brive (704km) 705 p.
5° National z. Brive (704km) 2,640 p.
57° National Brive (704km) 9,278 p.
38° National Chateauroux (526km) 1,712 p
35° National z. Jarnac (697km) 1,136 p.
88° S.national Vierzon (476km) 4,854 p.
11° Vierzon (476km) 643 p. (other race)

"Black Panter"(B15-6026420) is father to the twins "Sherry"(B16-6032171) and "Stella"(B16-6032172)

“Sherry”(B16-6032171) won a.o.:
1st Ace-pigeon Long Distance Club St. Job (600-800km)
1° Tulle (657km) 139 p.
2° Provincial Tulle (657km) 1,058 p.
4° National z. Tulle (657km) 2,627 p.
25° National Tulle (657km) 9,578 p.
4° Vierzon (476km) 643 p.
85° National z. Jarnac (697km) 1,136 p.

"Sherry"(B16-6032171) is the nest-sister to "Stella"(B16-6032172)

Our second arrival was “Mr. Brive”(B15-6026268). He is, what’s in a name, a real specialist on the yearly Brive race. In 2017 he won 4° Provincial Brive, in 2018 he wins 3° Provincial Brive! The father of “Mr. Brive”(B15-6026268) is a son to “Vitara”(B10-6052150) and a grandson to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). His mother is a half-sister to top long distance racer “Lotus”(B12-6196084). “Mr. Brive”(B15-6026268) is a promising breeder. A daughter of “Mr. Brive”(B15-6026268) already won the 1° prize against 656 birds.

"Mr. Brive"(B15-6026268) is a specialist on the Brive races

“Mr. Brive”(B15-6026268) won a.o.:
4th Ace-pigeon Semi-long Distance Fond St. Job (650-800km)

1° Brive (704km) 146 p.
3° Provincial Brive (704km) 705 p.
10° National z. Brive (704km) 2,640 p.
4° Provincial Brive 793 p. (other race)
27° National z. Brive 2,433 p.
10° Limoges (672km) 307 p.
15° Limoges 335 p. (other race)
26° Souppes (357km) 2,067 p.
12° Limoges 102 p. (other race)

Our third arrival was the blue hen “Apple”(B15-6026230). She is a granddaughter to “Elektro”(B08-6174630) and “Barco”(B01-6387350). Her father is “Casino”(B11-6282003), one of the best breeding children of “Elektro”(B08-6174630). “Apple”(B15-6026230) has got an impressive list of records.

"Apple"(B15-6026230) is one of our best long distance racers

“Apple”(B15-6026230) won a.o.:
2° Limoges (672km) 335 p.
27° National z. Limoges 4,153 p.
5° Provincial Jarnac (697km) 432 p.
13° National z. Jarnac (697km) 1,318 p.
88° National Jarnac (697km) 5,134 p.
34° National Chateauroux (526km) 2,108 p
11° Provincial Brive (704km) 705 p.
49° National z. Brive (704km) 2,640 p. 
3° Noyon (208km) 226 p.
6° Noyon (208km) 318 p.
7° Noyon (208km) 262 p.
8° Souppes (357km) 993 p.

Our fourth arrival was our first nominated bird B16-6032120. On his previous race he won 35° National z. Limoges (672km) against 4,551 pigeons. Now he wins 88° National z. Brive (704km) 2,640 pigeons. His father is closely related to “Barco”(B01-6387350) and his mother is a half-sister to “Elektro”(B08-6174630).

First nominated bird B16-6032120

B16-6032120 won a.o.:
2nd Ace-pigeon Long Distance Club St. Job (600-800km)
(after a lotmate)

35° National z. Limoges (672km) 4,551 p.
139° National Limoges (672km) 15,783 p.
74° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,389 p
61° National z. Tulle (657km) 2,627 p.
88° National z. Brive (704km) 2,640 p.

The next stop for this team will be the national Limoges (672km) race.