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The train is coming

This weekend we raced our birds on the middle distance race Melun (310km). We entered our racing hens (51 birds) in the ‘Regio Mechelen’ federation and our racing cocks (54 birds) in the ‘ZAV’ federation. The wind was blowing from the southeast. It was a smooth and rather fast race. Our birds did a good job again, they showed their condition is improving by the week. We expect them to be on their best when the national racing season starts in two weeks!

Our pigeons won the following results :

12/05/2018 Melun (310km)
ZAV Federation 2,364 old birds: 9-16-19-44-80-87-90-…  36/54 (old birds + yearlings)
--> 1st and 2nd nominated win 16° and 80° prize
ZAV Federation 1,371 yearlings: 5-9-22-55-57-70-75-86-…  26/40
Regio Mechelen Federation 660 old birds: 4-7-14-32-39…  10/14
Regio Mechelen Federation 1,182 yearlings: 11-19-20-42-50-57-79-80-82-83-92-…  22/37

Interfederation (Mechelen + Turnhout) 4,902 birds: 13-27-28-47-48-49-…  35/51 (old birds + yearlings)
--> 1st and 2nd nominated bird win 27° and 48° prize against 4,902 birds
--> 16/51 birds win a prize in the first 5% of the result
--> We have a prize percentage of almost 70%, after our last bird almost 200 prizes were still to be won

These were the first arrivals from our racing hens team.

The hen B16-6032134 was in the head of the race this weekend on the middle distance race Melun (310km). She won 13° Melun (310km) 4,902 birds. We expected her to peak on the +600km national races but she showed her qualities already on the middle distance. Her father is our current top long distance racer “Black Dragon”(B15-6026259). He won last year 1° S.-national Aurillac (712km) together with many other top prizes. Her mother is a half-sister to our famous breeder “Elektro”(B08-6174630). B16-6032134 is a very beautiful bird. We are curious to see how she will perform the coming weeks and months.

The beautiful hen B16-6032134

B16-6032134 won a.o.:
5th Ace-pigeon Union Antwerpen Long Distance (600-800km)

13° Melun (310km) 4,902 p.
7° Provincial Aurillac (712km) 458 p.
26° S.national Aurillac (712km) 1,797 p.
42° National z. Jarnac (697km) 1,136 p.
95° National z. Argenton (555km) 1,274 p.
4° Melun (310km) 660 p.

Our second arrival was the checkered hen B16-6032196. She was our first nominated pigeon. She is bred from a full brother to “Aladdin”(B09-6248081) x a daughter to “Beckham”(B01-6387174).

B16-6032196 was our first nominated pigeon

Our third arrival was the blue hen B17-6025088. In her pedigree you can find birds like “Elektro”(B08-6174630), “Leeuw”(B03-6277418) and “Olympic Niels”(B08-6338005), some of the most renown pigeons of the province Antwerp. Her full brother was early on this Melun race too.

The blue hen B17-6025088

The first arrival from our racing cocks team was the yearling B17-6025193. As a youngster this checkered cock won already different early prize cards. He is a full brother to “Joker”(B12-6196314).

B17-6025193 is a full brother to "Joker"(B12-6196314)

“Joker”(B12-6196314) won a.o.:
1° National z. Bourges (479km) 1,649 p.
5° National Bourges (479km) 8,005 p.
3° National z. Issoudun (504km) 1.182 p.
7° National Issoudun (504km) 5.670 p.
1° Argenton (555km) 138 p.
32° National Argenton (555km) 3,671 p.

Our racing champ “Didi”(B16-6032013) was in the head of the race on the middle distance race Melun (310km). He was our second arrival. His condition is improving by the week and we expect some more fireworks later this season, especially when the racing circumstances are tough. “Didi”(B16-6032013) is the nest-brother to our top racer “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012), 1st Prov. Ace-pigeon KBDB Antwerp Middle Distance and 5th National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance! They are two sons to “Elektro”(B08-6174630) himself!

"Didi"(B16-6032013) is the nest-brother to "Elektro Junior"(B16-6032012)

“Didi”(B016-6032013) won a.o.:
1° Melun (310km) 832 p.
1° fast. Melun (310km) 1,183 p.
5° Chevrain (354km) 358 p.
6° Chevrain (354km) 553 p.
9° Chevrain (354km) 278 p.
16° Melun (310km) 2,364 p.

Our third arrival was the blue cock B17-6025336. He is one of our top talented birds. As a youngster he won already 1° Noyon (208km) 478 birds. Now he wins two top prizes on the two first middle distance races in 2018.  

B17-6025336 won the last two weeks:
05/05/2018: 14° Ecouen (283km) 2,072 p.
12/05/2018: 9° Melun (310km) 1,371 p.

The very talented B17-6025336

His sister was as well early from this Melun race. Their mother is a very good record pigeon. She is a granddaughter to “Elektro”(B08-6174630). His father is a son to “Milos”(B10-6251534).

Our fourth arrival from the racing cocks was the checkered B17-6025202. He is the last child of “Elektro”(B08-6174630) that will be raced. We see him as a big talent. As a youngster he flew already different early prizes. He is a real lookalike of his big brother “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012).

B17-6025202 is the last child of "Elektro"(B08-6174630) that will be raced

Next week there will be two races, Chevrainvilliers (366km) and the semi-national Vierzon  (476km).