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Another first prize winner

We had the second official race of the season today. The birds were again sent to Noyon (208km). The weather was very hot. The high temperatures in combination with the scattered thunder showers made it a difficult race.

Our beautiful blue hen B17-6025041 won the race! She wins 1° fast. Noyon (208km) 1,084 pigeons. She had more than two minutes lead on the number two in the race.

First prize winner B17-6025041

Her father is “Rikky”(B12-6196217). He is a high valued breeder at our loft. He is for instance father to “Prada”(B14-6175059), 5° National Chateauroux (526km) 25,710 pigeons. Her mother is “Mustang Lady”(B15-6026460). She is a full sister to our superstar “Mustang”(B14-6175237), 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) 33,018 pigeons. “Mustang Lady”(B15-6026460) has already bred some talented birds. A child of her performed for instance very well in the famous Pioneer Race (Beijing, China)!

"Mustang Lady"(B15-6026460) is a full sister to "Mustang"(B14-6175237)