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Last national race of 2017

We hadn't published our results of the last national race of the season 2017, Chateauroux (526km) yet. So here you can finally read the detailed story about our first arrivals.
Our pigeons won the following result :
10/09/2017 Chateauroux (526km)
Club St. Job 69 old birds: 1-2-3-4-6-….
Provincial 366 old birds: 3-5-6-8-16-... 
National z. 606 old birds: 5-6-7-8-18-34-37-38-62-85-86-88-89-…  20/35
National 1,712 old birds: 14-16-17-20-38-87-97-98...  20/35
Our first arrival was the checkered hen “Porsche”(B16-6032345). She was the youngest bird in our 2017 racing team. As a youngster she only flew some training races but showed nevertheless her potential. This season we were patient with her and gave her some time to adapt to specific way of national racing. Our patience paid off because she excelled in the last national races of the season.


Talented "Porsche"(B16-6032345) is a half-sister to superstar "Mustang"(B14-6175237)
“Porsche” won on the last two national Chateauroux races:
14° National  Chateauroux (526km) 1,712 p.
93° National Chateauroux (526km) 4,389 p.
“Porsche”(B16-6032345) has got a very special pedigree. Her father is “Origi”(B13-6026050). “Origi”(B13-6026050) was a top long distance racer and is now a very important bird on our breeding loft. The mother of “Porsche”(B16-6032345) is “Letra”(B12-6196107). She is mother to our number one star “Mustang”(B14-6175237)! “Mustang”(B14-6175237) won 1° fast. National Chateauroux (526km) 33,018 pigeons.
Our second arrival was the blue hen B16-6032168. Her father is a grandson to “Barco”(B01-6387350) and “Elektro”(B08-6174630).
Our third arrival was the blue hen B16-6032200. She is a granddaughter to “Delphine”(B11-6282004).
Our fourth arrival was the checkered hen B16-6032068. She is a daughter to our fantastic breeding couple “Elektro”(B08-6174630) x “Delphine”(B11-6282004). This means B16-6032068 is a full sister to our famous racers “Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012) and “Samsung”(B15-6026082).
“Elektro Junior”(B16-6032012) won a.o.:
1st Provincial Ace-pigeon (Yearlings) Middle Distance 2017
2nd Provincial Ace-pigeon KBDB Antwerp Middle Distance 2017 
5th National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2017 
1° Chevrain (354km) 480 p. 
1° Chevrain (354km) 418 p. 
1° Noyon (208km) 393 p. 
1° Chevrain (354km) 278 p. 
1° Noyon (208km) 278 p. 
2° Quievrain (104km) 534 p. 
3° Chevrain (354km) 736 p. 
3° Chevrain (354km) 688 p. 
3° Chevrain (354km) 519 p. 
5° Melun (310km) 461 p. 
6° Chevrain (354km) 358 p. 
7° Melun (310km) 713 p. 
7° Chevrain (354km) 553 p. 
9° Chevrain (354km) 1,108 p. 
12° Chevrain (354km) 1,844 p.

Top racer "Elektro Junior"(B16-6032012)
"Samsung"(B15-6026082) won a.o.: 
1° fast. Souppes (357km) 9,294 p. 
1° Souppes (357km) 1,595 p. 
1° Souppes (357km) 133 p. 
2° Souppes (357km) 211 p. 
20° National Argenton (555km) 4,582 p. 
70° National z. Bourges (479km) 3,024 p. 
6° Melun (310km) 505 p. 
7° Noyon (208km) 733 p. 
11° Quievrain (103km) 385 p. 
13° Melun (310km) 811 p. 
14° Melun (310km) 496 p. 
17° Quievrain (103km) 495 p.

"Samsung"(B15-6026082) is a full brother to "Elektro Junior"(B16-6032012)
Our fifth arrival was the dark hen B16-6032172. In 2017 she was crowned as 5th Ace-pigeon Long Distance (650-800km) in our strong club St. Job. Her nest-sister, “Sherry”(B16-6032171) was in the same competition crowned as 1st Ace-pigeon Long Distance (650-800km)! These two hens are granddaughters to our superstar “Mustang”(B14-6175237).
Our sixth arrival was the blue hen B14-6175141. This hen flew some top records during her career. This Chateauroux race was the last one for her and she ended in style with another national top 100 position! Her full sister was by the way our second arrival on this race.
Our seventh arrival was “Dubai”(B15-6026019). Also for this hen it was the last race in her career. She won a national top 100 position as well. Starting from 2018, “Dubai”(B15-6026019) will be part of our breeding loft.
“Dubai”(B15-6026019) won a.o. :
5° National La Souterraine (593km) 2,939 p.
17° National Chateauroux (526km) 2,108 p.
24° National Argenton (555km) 3,966 p.
32° National z. Limoges (672km) 3,380 p.
97° National Chateauroux (526km) 1,712 p.
2° Chevrain (354km) 280 p.

Top hen "Dubai"(B15-6026019) is since 2018 a part of our breeding loft
Our eight arrival was the checkered hen B16-6032029. She was in great condition during the month of August and the first week of September by winning several top positions on the 500-750km races! She is a granddaughter to “Beckham”(B01-6387174). Her father is a full brother to “Aladdin”(B09-6248081).