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B12-6196185 "La Perla"

Picture of pigeon B12-6196185 "La Perla"
General info


1° National Gueret (590km)

"La Perla"(B12-6196185) is a daughter to "Hunter"(B10-6052176) x "La Bomba"(B10-6052045).


"La Perla"(B12-6196185) won a.o.:
1° National Gueret (590km) 2,656 p.
1° National z. Gueret (590km) 589 p.

"La Perla"(B12-6196185) is grandmother to a.o.:

Won in the Kai Er One Loft Race (China) (10,000 pigeons competing)

1st Ace-pigeon over 3 races
3rd Ace-pigeon over 4 races
3rd Ace-pigeon over 2 races

There are four different races in this competition: 1x 300km, 1x 400km and 2x 500km. This pigeon finished in 13° and 16° place in the last two races over 500km. 

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