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B11-6282560 "Romeo Panter"

Picture of pigeon B11-6282560 "Romeo Panter"
General info


Father 1st Ace Thailand One Loft Race

"Romeo Panter"(B11-6282560) is a son to "Beckham"(B01-6387174) x "Panter Lady"(B09-6248530).

"Romeo Panter"(B11-6282560) is father to a.o.:

"Simply The Best"(B14-6175432):
1st Ace-pigeon Thailand One Loft Race 2014
Winner Princess Cup

11° prize Final Race (530km)
1° prize Hot Spot 2 (435km) against 953 p. (speed 963,50 m/m!)
20° prize Hot Spot 1 (350km) against 1,159 p.

According to the organisation "Simply The Best"(B14-6175432) was the best bird ever raced in this One Loft Race!